Give Dads the Best this Father’s day: Dior Aqua Fahrenheit

This coming Sunday is a very special day for all the fathers out there. It’s Father’s day! What are you getting for your dad? If you haven’t gotten anything yet, this might be the perfect present. Dior’s new men’s fragrance Aqua Fahrenheit is a fresh new interpretation of fire and water.

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The ads photo is quite amazing. I tried to come up with my own version just for the sake of fun. I know it’s not even close. Anyway, back to the perfume.

Aqua Fahrenheit can be known as, “For the confident man who stands out with strength and passion, his fragrance is Aqua Fahrenheit.”

A little background history of Fahrenheit can be dated back to 1988, where Dior perfected Fahrenheit in which it became one of the most popular men’s fragrance in the world. In the original fragrance, elements such as earth, wind, water, and fire are all combined as one.

The bottle is in a very unique shape that’s easy to handle. It features top notes of Italian Grapefruit, middle notes of Violet and Brazilian Spearmint and base notes of Haitian Vetiver. What is special about this bottle is that it contains leather, woody notes but with a twist of Vetiver and Citrus. So it smells very refreshing and clean. Dior wanted to reinforce the idea behind the notes, so they included the information on the back of the bottle as a description.

Unlike other Dior fragrances that have different sizes to choose from, Aqua Fahrenheit only comes in 4.2 oz spray bottle. It’s available at for $74.

Since this is a men’s fragrance, we’ll have a male guest for today’s review. Let’s welcome Mr. Fruity Lashes!

Upon handling the bottle, it feels like heat and freshness combined together with a sense of manliness. Popping up the cap and making a squirt, the air quickly turns into woody laced with a refreshing smell of citrus. It was like an ahhh… moment. Giving the cologne a swirl, I took a shower the very next morning then put on the cologne. I got dressed in my suit and tie and walked out to work. The cologne was strong in a sense that it lasted for a good 4 hours then it became a bit mellow but was still exceptional. After coming back home from work, and taking a shower, it was gone. Having the smell stay in my mind all day, seemed to keep me up and running the whole time…

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. Fruity Lashes don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews. Read my full disclosure here.

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