GLOW Bio by Kimberly Snyder Open NOW

For celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, “health” is synonymous with “beauty.” This philosophy is at the heart of her breakthrough nutritional program, outlined in her bestselling book The Beauty Detox Solution, and is embodied through the unique menu offerings at GLOW Bio by Kimberly Snyder, open now in West Hollywood.

At GLOW Bio by Kimberly Snyder, you’ll discover that true health and beauty are entirely within your reach.  The shop, which features a comfortable, outdoor patio seating space, will also offer monthly classes led by experts in the fields of health, beauty, wellness, meditation and spirituality. An eco-chic respite, GLOW Bio by Kimberly Snyder relies on sustainable, energy-efficient practices such as composting, and houses its products in compostable, non-leachable, high-grade recyclable packaging materials. The shop uses LED lighting, and the tables are made from re-planed wood.

Kimberly Snyder Glow Bio

From Kimberly’s legendary smoothies (enriched with organic, beautifying ingredients that boost inner health to promote outer beauty) to revitalizing cold-pressed juices, loose leaf and fresh teas, as well as organic, shade-grown coffee and boosters, GLOW Bio by Kimberly Snyder is a one stop-shop for fueling your body with the healthy, natural foods it craves. These organic, benefit-driven ingredients are the secret tools for cleansing your body of toxins, so you are able to exude vibrant beauty from the inside out.


Come visit GLOW Bio by Kimberly Snyder at 7473 Melrose Ave (Cross Gardner), West Hollywood, CA 90046

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