Got Sun-Kissed Skin? Try Sue Devitt Gel Bronzer SPF 40 – Beau Dore

Tanned Look? Tropical Skin Color? What do you think those could mean? Well, a lot of people who go on vacations and paid time off from work all want to get out and have fun. Maybe… Whether you are down at the beach or even out on a cruise the sun hits our skin and kinda burns it a little like a toast in an oven. Back to the skin, it really means a tanned look which is healthy and some people want it all year round.

What can we do to get it? Look no more, Sue Devitt’s Gel Bronzer SPF 40 – Beau Dore is the trick. No joke…

While opening the bronzer up it comes with everything from a large sized mirror so we can see cheek to cheek and even a sponge! Talk about on-the-go…. YAY!

The bronzer immediately from a eye perception looks a bit orange brown but contrary to appearance it has a kick to it almost like added sugar and spice. It is like what is described as gel and no it is not powdery like most of the bronzers on the market.

The sponge has a very unique feature it is as soft as tofu. Don’t eat it now because we don’t want anyone calling 9-1-1.

There is a meshed covering underneath the sponge so that air can circulate.

Indoor wise the bronzer looks very even and doesn’t give an orangey cast. Note only bottom half skin was applied with the bronzer and it looks just like bare skin, but with healthy smooth look. That is because while you apply the bronzer you can feel the tofu like sponge gliding across your skin especially with the gel formula. The bronzer also is very moisturizing and hydrating mostly due to it being gel based. But it is packed with restorative antioxidant blend of Algae Extract, Babao Seed, and Sunflower Oil. What do those translate into? It prevents collagen degradation and preserves elasticity.

Here is the skin under sunlight with the bronzer applied. It gives a luminous look but with nicely blended colors instead of a large difference showing a large tan mark. The bronzer also packs a punch against UVA and UVB because it consist of SPF 40! No more harmful sun rays.

The bronzer gives a very nice feel especially because of its Gel form. It even lasts longer compared to powdered bronzers which can sometimes make our skin feel dry without hydration. Imagine traveling in a desert without any water…. yick I wouldn’t want to be there. Back to our bronzer. The tofu like sponge is so soft and smooth at doing its work that you don’t really need to get in on a big scope of bronzer in order to accomplish an area of your face. This bronzer is really great as well because it can be used all year round giving a luminous and glow-y looking healthy skin.

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4 Responses to Got Sun-Kissed Skin? Try Sue Devitt Gel Bronzer SPF 40 – Beau Dore

  1. Kalmo July 8, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    It’s awesome that the powder has SPF 40!

  2. jemosaz July 8, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    This seems really promising. Where can I find it?

  3. Miss Bad July 9, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    Hi : D did the result of the last giveaway posted yet?I cannot find it, sorry !

    • admin July 10, 2011 at 12:25 PM

      sorry it took a while. the result is up now. hope you can still support Fruity Lashes and good luck next time.


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