Guerlain Introducing Voyage Collection Exclusive Fragrances

A city, a passion, a perfume. Crossing borders, encountering new places, discovering unfamiliar exotic essences, this is the Guerlain tradition. With fragrance you can capture the soul of a place by uncovering the emotional enchantment of its raw elements.

In 1828, pioneer and visionary Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain already understood the importance of travelling the world in search of new fragrance sensations. More than just innovative scents, he offered an escape, a voyage for the senses. These travels, which became the seal of Guerlain’s history, are the foundation of his most successful fragrances.

“A perfumer must go looking for scents,” observes Jean-Paul Guerlain. And today, in the grand Guerlain tradition of exploring the world’s riches, he has created a travel diary of scents, three new fragrances that pay homage to three fascinating cities: Moscow, New York and Tokyo.

Paris-Moscow, Paris-New York, Paris-Tokyo. Three evocative f fragrances that convey the identity and the heartbeat of these electrifying metropolises. Three liquid memories, presented in bottles embellished with drawings by sculptor Serge Mansau and topped with metal caps embossed with the emblematic double G. For each bottle, graphic artist Carla Talopp has devised a log, a scrapbook of cards, images, drawings, iconic photos and symbols of the spirit of each city.



Moscow has awakened. Sleeping Beauty has opened her eyes, and her heart is fluttering. Moscow the serious has reinvented itself as Moscow the prosperous. Here and there, a hammer and sickle engraved on a building façade remind passers-by of its recent, restless history. But today, a fresh chapter is beginning. Each month, almost every day, Moscow’s inhabitants write a new paragraph. They celebrate the arrival of a luxury boutique or a lavish restaurant. Women vie with one another in elegance. Businessmen bustle about. All of them are part of the metamorphosis of a capital city that proudly displays its new modernity.

With its musk, fruit and wood notes, the ultra-feminine Paris-Moscow perfume echoes the heartbeat that pounds through the Russian capital. This city throbs with life! Strolling through the opulent shopping arcades of the GUM, you are intoxicated by the heady fragrance of white musk and tonka bean. A carnal, sensual and elegant trace of vanilla and bergamot stays with you as you cross the Red Square. As you pass the Bosco Café, a sudden aroma of red currants delights your senses. The Moscow locals are enjoying their brunch, sipping their favorite beverage. Your senses stirred, you head off for some refreshment at the Botanical Gardens. A welcome respite. You close your eyes and watch as images from the day parade past. Electrified, you take in the hint of absinthe, a sparkling lemon, a note of plum. In the distance, you glimpse a verdant forest of pine needles. You can still hear the heart of Moscow beating.



New York, New York! How many films, books and lyrics have sung the praises of the city where anything is possible? A land of dreams and pioneers, the Big Apple welcomes your deepest desires and craziest ambitions. This remarkable city boasts countless styles and atmospheres. A melting pot of communities and personalities, it evokes greatness with its skyscrapers, broad avenues and financial center. At the same time, it cherishes its ‘villages’: Little Italy, Chinatown, the West Village with its tree-lined streets, low-built houses and tiny restaurants crowded with regulars. Day and night, New York is always bustling. Here, a young woman arrives at the gym as the clock strikes midnight. There, a man and his dog share dinner by the first light of dawn. Only in New York…

A woody oriental fragrance, sparkling and sweet, Paris-New York excites the tastebuds by transporting the senses to the heart of Manhattan on Christmas Eve. From the elegant Uptown to bohemian Downtown, children are dreaming of their Christmas pudding. Their nostrils quiver. Smells of vanilla and cinnamon float out of kitchen windows. A joyful frenzy of holiday anticipation reigns on Broadway, whose lights seem to sparkle with a new radiance. A pause; serious Wall Street goes quiet. The pedestrians on 5th Avenue finish their last errands. The sky is still the luminous, cloudless blue of a New York winter. The celebrations will start in just a few hours. Already, the air is thick with a scent of cedar, cardamom and bergamot.



Some say that you must see Tokyo before you die. To them, the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun is a required destination. A ground to tread. An atmosphere to soak in. An experience to live, no matter what. Tokyo fascinates, Tokyo charms, Tokyo intrigues, Tokyo intimidates. Tokyo leaves no one untouched. The surprising, completely alien metropolis embodies ultimate modernity. Tokyo is a dense anthill, gradually stealing from the sea and sky what it can no longer find on the earth. The most daring architects eagerly orchestrate these extensions into space. The city is immense; it offers an invitation to lose yourself and discover its contrasting districts, smaller cities within a city, which fit together like the animated pieces of a giant puzzle.

Green and floral, fresh and delicate, Paris-Tokyo evokes all the subtlety of the Japanese capital. Wilful, yet subtle. Ultra-modern, yet bound to its traditions. The sun is still low in the sky; it is the perfect time to awaken your senses in Hibiya Park, a rare green space designed with a Western aesthetic. Very few people are walking; you pass mainly joggers. As you stroll along a pond, the morning dew gives off a fragrance of jasmine and violet, intertwined with Hinoki cypress. You stop in a teahouse, slipping out of the stream of time into a cocoon of tranquillity in the midst of turmoil. In this world apart where green tea and jasmine scent the air, you allow yourself be transported by the legendary, almost magical tea-drinking tradition. It is with regret that you leave the ceremony you wish could last forever. But Ginza, the Champs-Elysées of Tokyo, is already calling your name.


A City, A Fragrance Collection – London

Capture the soul, atmosphere and very identity of an inspiring city, this is the mission of the “A City, A Fragrance” collection. The journeys of these fragrances follow one after the other, but each remains happily unique. After Moscow, New York and Tokyo, our fragrance travels now take us to London. A pioneer and visionary, Guerlain has always explored the world in search of unprecedented olfactory sensations and original, exotic essences, offering modern, sensory-stimulating escapades that whisk you away. Each getaway is an invitation to discover new worlds and universes through eloquent scents marked with the spirit and style of Guerlain.

The Inspiration:

London has its style, its rules, its colors, notably red and ash grey and a soul that many cherish.

The Victorian and Edwardian architecture reigns supreme. Its many assets: museums, concerts, exhibitions, shopping, pubs, tearooms and clubbing are spread over distinct neighborhoods: the City, Soho, Portobello, Piccadilly, Kensington and Notting Hill. Gigantic royal parks such as Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regents Park and St. James provide ample opportunity to enjoy nature. Take a moment to think about The Beatles, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Francis Bacon and so many others…Pop, make-up, sandwiches, marmalade, jelly, tea and cocktails, outrageous hats, Savile Row tailors, the Tudor Rose, fair play. One singular element after another come together to give form to an atypical world linking past and present.  Leisure and excitement, extravagance and convention, humor and etiquette, these are the paradoxes London embodies.

The Fragrance:

Top Notes:

  • A very clever rhubarb accord, tangy, sugary and vegetal all at once, instantly teases the nose.
  • Grapefruit and bergamot heighten this unusual impression.

Middle Notes:

  • Duo of roses, the essence and the absolute
  • The bucolic violet with its lush tones adorns the lawns of homes and Kensington Gardens in the spring, yet it is interpreted here in a candied version to recall the famous tangy English sweets with their explosive colors.
  • The amplitude of the floral couple is laced with cardamom so that it can beat wildly in rhythm.

Bottom Notes:

  • Light woody base composed of black tea, Haitian vetiver and Texan white cedar add detail and a breeze of fantasy, very British, of course.

The Bottle:

For this launch, the bottle sheds its initial 250 ml format and adopts the 100 ml travel size allowed in the plane cabin. On the front, we see the number that corresponds to the journey, 04 for London. On the back, Serge Mansau drew a sketch, engraved in platinum that traces out the emblematic spot of the city. In this case, the Tower Bridge illustrates the spirit of London. As with the previous destinations, this journey is accompanied by a map, designed like a scented treasure hunt. Developed and designed by graphic artist Carla*Sonia, this poetic journey combines maps, images and drawings. Iconic sites such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster mark out and suggest a more intimate itinerary, such as the Chelsea Physic Garden, the “Apothecaries’ Garden”; the Royal Mews for its incredible homage to the equestrian world; or the hundred-year-old rose garden in Regents Park. Other districts are highlighted as well, gourmet markets and sensorial spots that confirm the wonderfully mixed nature of London.



Paris – Moscow, 250 ml EDT, $225
Paris – Tokyo, 250 ml EDT, $225
Paris – New York, 250 ml EDT, $225
London $210

These fragrances are available exclusively at the Guerlain Boutiques:

A Guerlain Boutique is a place where customers can experience Guerlain’s history, style and expertise as well as discover these exclusive and precious creations; only available at a Guerlain Boutique establishment. There are eighteen Guerlain Boutiques in the United States. To purchase a fragrance, customers can call the Guerlain Boutique at The Shoppes at the Palazzo, Las Vegas 1-866-409-6110.

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