Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact

This is another item I got from Sephora sale. Ever since my husband got me the first Meteorites, I was hooked by Guerlain. The Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact especially caught my eyes. It’s got a really long name!

Guerlain called on one of the most talented jewelers from the Place Vendome in Paris, Lorenz Baumer, to create an object of mystery and seduction: Rouge G de Guerlain. At the first click, the case reveals a stunning mirror, a promise of your own personal luxury, and then an exceptional lipstick nestled within the case.

Rouge G de Guerlain surpasses mere beauty with a breathtaking formula. A precious ruby powder interacts with daylight to reveal spectacular radiance unachieved to date. At the first contact, lips are immediately defined, smoothed, plumped and hydrated. – Guerlain

The color I got is No. 63 Giulette. It’s the first time I’m trying Guerlain’s lipstick. I was hesitated to pick it up because of the high price tag ($46) but I’m so glad I did. And again Guerlain didn’t disappoint me.

To my surprise, there’s no dust pouch included. Being called a compact it’s more than a lipstick, probably heavier than a lot of eyeshadow compact.

When the top flap is closed, the “G” button gets attracted by the magnet and the case is closed.

When the flap is opened, there’s a mirror inside. The flap can also be used as a mirror.

The back of the compact.

The color is bright red-ish pink with fine golden shimmer.

Swatched on the back of my hand under thumb area. You can barely see the shimmer. It just adds a subtle sheen to the color.

This is how it shows up on my lips. The pigmentation is truly amazing. Normally I would do a layer of concealer to balance out my natural lip color. But for testing purpose, I applied the lipstick directly on my lips even without lip balm. The color almost turned out the same as the lipstick itself.

Hmm strange strange… Under a different light direction, the color is a little different. I think it could be the camera’s sensor problem but I equally like the color on both pictures.

This has been the most expensive lipstick ever for me (even with 15% off discount). But it’s worth every penny. My lips remained smooth and hydrated over hours. It never had sticky feeling either. I assume it must have something to do with its formula.

On a side note, yesterday I went by the Guerlain counter over at Neiman Marcus, they’ve already got the new Meteorites in stock. The packaging was as great as I thought even though it’s still beautiful. I think I will be missing the cardboard packaging as they discontinue it.

2 Responses to Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact

  1. Lulu April 21, 2010 at 9:57 AM

    omg what a pretty casing! and a pretty color!

  2. coffretgorge April 21, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    how beautiful! i am so tempted to get one now, i love that "G" button! My initial! heehee. and the color is gorgeous on you! love love love! 😀


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