Holiday Glass Ornament Ball Colors with Lancome Color Design Infinite 24-Hour Eyeshadow

Running around the Christmas tree was one of the most fun things that happened aside from seeing all the present boxes piling up on the floor. Ornaments for decorating the tree came in all sizes, colors, and even shapes. If we wanted to design our own special look for Christmas and the Holiday, there are so many palettes and collections out already. Most of them have revolved around reds and golds because they are so traditional to Christmas. Brands like Chanel, Guerlain and many all incorporated such elements in their upcoming holiday launches. A little toned-down variation can be seen by Laura MercierClarins and Lancome.

I ran across Lancome recently and saw a variety of colors that can customize the look you desire. They are long lasting and highly pigmented all for those extra special moments during the Holiday.

If you remember the photo of the day from a few days ago, it was actually used to represent the colors of a few ornaments for Christmas. Each year we have a Christmas tree up that is designed and put together with sparkling lights and ornaments. Just like what is depicted in a snow globe. This year though, I was thinking of purchasing a few houses and stores. Those little buildings that light up and sometimes have a little more mechanism to it such as Harley-Davidson or a simple cafe. Well anyways, there will be fake snow as well including a little snowman.

So the three colors that I want to show you today are 101 Eternal Gold, 601 Unlimited Silver and 401 Magnetic Teal. To show you the comparison to the glass ornaments, I have put up a picture below.

Lancome Color Design Infinite 24-Hour Eye Shadows

Each Lancome eyeshadow comes in a clear acrylic jar with a glossy black cap. On top you will see Lancome’s Rose logo printed on the center.

Once you unscrew the cap, you will notice an inner lid. Do not discard! It is what keeps the shadows and its pigments in best shape. The little handle is very handy when lifting it up.

Eternal Gold is a highly shimmered gold. If you look closely, it might resemble to you like gold dust except in a even finer setting. Only if the contents in the jar was real 24 karat gold!

Unlimited Silver comes in a highly sparkling silver that is both metallic and very brightly reflective, it’s almost like snowy crystal.

Finally, Magnetic Teal is a satin blue teal with a bold metallic shimmer providing a strong color orientation. Contrary to the other two colors, this color is probably the darkest one out of all of them but matches perfectly to give the holiday look you need.

Each of these eyeshadows is incredibly soft and smooth. The creamy-powdery texture is easy to spread and glide on evenly on the skin. Pigmentation is also fantastic with either an eyeshadow brush or simply by fingertips. The intensity of the color can be easily controlled by building layers. They offer the greatest output for the least effort. The shadows are pretty much shown in high definition!

Lancome takes out the guessing game for what is pigmented and what isn’t, with its Color Design Infinite 24H. The creamy buildable eyeshadows are out with a total of 15 jars in all sorts of colors and varieties. There is enough shadows to do all design combination. Besides lovely pigmentation and easy gliding, they are also super long lasting. I did hear one thing though these colors can stay crease-free for 24 hours without fading, has anyone tried it that long? Normally I don’t wear makeup for more than 10 hours but even that, by the end of the day the color looked fresh and new like just applied. There was no smudging or fading, no creasing either. I’ve been wearing the colors in separate occasions lately, whether it’s in a hot sunny day or a humid rainy day, they all performed really well. So I am quite impressed by both the color payoff and lasting power.


Lancome’s Color Design Infinite 24H are available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Lancome.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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  1. shaimaaa October 18, 2012 at 12:36 AM

    I <3 Magnetic Teal the shade is amazing


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