How Fast Can You Read a Manga?

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post that my currently manga craze is Bakuman. This is a series created by the same pair that made Death Note a mega hit. The story is based on two junior high students who wanted to become mangakas (Manga Artist). There dream thus far is about becoming serialized by the age of 18. While trying to reach the dream, they stumble upon obstacles and find ways to overcome them.

Bakuman has released a total of 13 manga books already and will be airing Season 3 soon for the Anime. There is also a mix of romance in the book making it quite interesting. carries the books at a discount compared to a traditional brick and mortar store.

To answer that question on the title? I finished the whole book in one night. It’s so sad that I will have to wait another month for the volume 14.

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