Indulging in Fine Chocolate Fit for a King by Charbonnel et Walker

Recently, I have gone on a chocolate frenzy or craze. Despite having tasted so many different kinds of chocolate already, I still couldn’t give up the temptation. Especially seeing the word, “Chocolate” makes me want to taste it almost immediately! Knowing my love for makeup and cosmetics, after seeing the press for Clarins Holiday 2012 I took notice of a lip gloss named Chocolate. I wonder if it tastes or smells like the real thing? Maybe I love all thing sweet like dessert and cakes. Take for example after seeing all the titles from Jill Stuart’s Summer Patisserie Collection, it was extremely drool worthy.

Well, so what are we talking about today? A box of Charbonnel et Walker’s Fine Chocolate Selection. These sweet little indulgence is nothing like their Box of Truffles. The chocolate company has been around since 1875 and it holds a Royal Warrant as the chocolate manufacturers for The Queen in England.

Charbonnel et Walker Fine Chocolate Selection

In the previous picture you might have noticed that there were several boxes. It is true, I bought 4 boxes and ate all 4. Each box holds the same set of chocolates. Anyways, there is a total of 200 g of chocolate which is roughly 7.0 oz worth. The outside of this particular box is floral designed. Nothing too fancy but with elegance.

Here are two pieces of chocolates inside the box. The first one is a Truffle Café in the shape of a shell. Its taste is butter truffle and condense milk center flavored with coffee. After the Truffle Café is the Butter Fourré. Butter Fourré is a light ganache of butter and chocolate, coated in thick chocolate.

Having eaten many chocolate such as Vosges and MarieBelle, Charbonnel et Walker is nothing like them. First off, the chocolate mixtures within the brand aren’t the sweetest. They are smooth and rich in aroma. If you try out their chocolate, you would find that they tend to melt in your mouth quite quickly. Nothing more needs to be said besides go try these out yourself!

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates can be found and purchased at Neiman Marcus.

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