Inside My Closet – Fall / Winter Scarves from Wolford

Scarves are so important to me. I love collecting scarves and they not only serve as a purpose of keeping me warm, it’s also a great decoration to an overall put together look. Recently, I bought 3 new scarves from one of my favorite brands, Wolford. The brand always produces top notch quality and timeless fashion sense from hosiery to clothing and even accessories.

I will be showing you 2 lightweight scarves that are excellent for Fall and another one that is great for Winter.

Wolford Scarf

The very first one I bought out of the 3 was the Merino Rib Scarf. This scarf is by far the coziest one out of the 3. It is made from 65% Virgin Wool, 32% Cotton, and 3% Elastane. It is soft and smooth to the touch, super warm too. This scarf can actually match the Merino Cap which I regretted for not getting.

The second scarf that I have here is the Cape Cod Scarf. Wolford’s branding is sewn in on the scarf. On both edges are tassels giving it a playful touch. Being 100% cashmere, this scarf feels even softer and smoother than the previous rib one. As an accessory, this scarf is really easy to wear with a coat or other clothing. A dress will do as well. But I would say, this scarf is probably more for Fall than Winter. Though for Winter it is a more lightweight one which is equally as great.

Last but not least is the Cape Cod Mini Scarf. This Mini Scarf is really fun to wear. There are Tassels on both sides giving it a younger and unique look. It is really different than the Original Cape Cod Scarf. I thought the word Mini meant narrower width, it could also signify youthfulness. Finally, this scarf is also 100% Cashmere like its counterpart.

Are you ready for the cold months yet? What are your favorite fashion pieces?

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