Inside My Closet – Summer Style Obsession

Summer has been in the air for over a month and a half? Have you gotten your Summer on yet? So I decided to show recently what I have been wearing constantly this Summer thus far. This also gives you a chance to take a look inside my closet or even what I have been hauling!

Starting off, the makers of the world’s most comfortable boots, UGG has a pair of sandals that really gives walking a new meaning. Ugg Vivyan Sandal comes with cutouts that is stylishly beach ready. The back also comes with adjustable straps to give the perfect snug fit. Another brand with some similarities in look are Michael Kors Sondra, Dolce Vita Athena and Guess Angria Sandal. Top off any sandals with the foot petals that is shown attached to the sandals, makes walking extra cushioned while stops your feet from moving around.

Talking about the foot petals, besides this specific tip toes style, I also have the Killer Kushionz for my heels. They make a whole lot difference that I could never have imagined.

When it comes to the brand Wolford, I am probably crazily in love with them. They are the best in their field. Recently, I bought over 15 boxes of Wolford products (Each item comes in a box). I am too embarrassed to tell you how much I hauled. But anyways, there is an item that stands out and makes the top of the list for summer. It keeps you looking stylish but also warm during the night. It is the Lace Peacock Capri Legging. I really love how the feather lace looks at the cuff, super cute and sturdy! I also saw a pair of Ralph Lauren legging at Bloomingdales that’s quite similar. I’ll have to check that out. But anyway do you know there’s a thing called Hosiery Gloves that can keep your hosieries from nail scratches? Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it? I am thinking of getting one.

Last but not least, one of my favorite necklaces that I got years ago. When I was first introduced to Hugo Boss for women, there was a necklace my hubby got me for our anniversary. You probably guessed it, it is the one shown below. It comes in clear beads with a white strap and hook locks at the end. It gives a care free attitude that is easy going and great for the summer. It doesn’t look too heavy nor does it give neck pains (NOW REALLY WHICH NECKLACE GIVES THAT?). It’s been long gone, but luckily I found one on that is similar and a lot cheaper. Juicy Couture also makes one that’s similar too, check it out here.

So those are the several pieces that I wear a lot this summer. What have you been wearing?

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  1. Lyn Jacobs July 26, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    Those sandals look so cute but I like the idea of foot petals. I need to try the Killer Kushionz myself sometime. Thanks for sharing your closet.


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