I’ve been reading some blogger’s posts for quite a while and always wanted to comment on some (never really did). Just recently a friend of mine Miss Mihoko asked me why not start my own blog since I have a lot of Lunasol eye palettes. So I think this may be fun to do. It’s not going to be solely cosmetics related but also include other stuff. I’m not going to tell you just yet. You’re gonna have to wait and keep on reading. But I will setup a blog sale soon.

Last but not least, why life spice? Because I think a lot of things are like the spices in our life. If a dish lacks spices, it’ll taste bland. The same thing goes with our life. It’ll be boring if we don’t have hobbies. Anyway I will try to post maybe once every two days. Until then, be safe and happy shopping because it’s almost Christmas time.

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