Introducing YOUBEAUTY.COM a Groundbreaking Online Destination Developed by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen

It’s a question as old as time: What makes you beautiful? It’s not only a flattering lipstick shade, or the color of your hair—science shows it’s your happiness, self-esteem, charisma and much more. The perfect haircut for your face shape sure doesn’t hurt, either. Beauty is a combination of inner and outer factors rooted in hard science. Two of the leading names in medicine—Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen—developed to arm women with proven tools that use science to measure and improve inner and outer beauty, so they may become healthier, happier people.

“Beauty, like health, is multi-dimensional. Every aspect of your body and mind matters,” says Dr. Oz. “We have the opportunity to use the power of the Internet to give every woman access to the leading science in a very personalized and actionable way.”

Trading unattainable standards of beauty in favor of proven quantitative and qualitative metrics, YouBeauty is the first online resource devoted to attaining optimal health through beauty.

“Stress causes gray hair, poor sleep will increase wrinkles, and your diet will directly affect your skin,” adds Dr. Roizen. “The scientific community has proven all of these facts, and many more. We wanted to create a place where women could improve their beauty and health all at once.”

Here’s how it works: At YouBeauty, you’ll find a series of quizzes based on proven research that examine all the factors that affect your beauty. The website features quizzes that measure personal dimensions like happiness, stress, sleep quality, physical activity levels, skin and hair health, along with tools that find your face shape, facial symmetry and body shape, among others. Your score on each quiz will be compiled to measure your YouQ™. Through an ongoing series of personalized action steps based on your quiz results, you’ll be encouraged to improve your YouQ™ to reach your full beauty potential, while learning about yourself in new and important ways.


Unlock your individual beauty potential with

· Take specialized quizzes in nutrition, sleep, relationships, your body, face, hair, skin and mind.
· Receive easy to understand numerical and graphical results based on each scientifically validated scale on your personal profile page. You’ll be able to see where you stand in real time, and anonymously compare your progress to that of other quiz takers.
· Improve your scores with easy to understand, personalized action steps, delivered daily to your inbox.
· Explore the YouLearn section for the latest health-meets-beauty news and feature stories, along with a rich research section consisting of the most important beauty-impacting studies.
· Chat about hot topics in the YouTalk community.
· Tap into expert information with interactive columns written by experts in their fields, including Dr. Oz, Dr. Roizen, dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler, iconic hair stylist Guido, psychology professor Arthur Markman, nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick, celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Perry, women’s wellness expert Dr. Beth Ricanati, among others.
· Learn about implementing a healthier lifestyle with columns by model Karolina Kurkova and “The Dorm Room Diet” author Daphne Oz.


Each day will also feature eye-opening “Beauty Aha” facts such as:

· Gossiping can be good for your health.
· Daily gratitude will lower your stress levels.
· Mirror neurons start trends.
· Migraines evolved as a sixth sense to detect danger.
· You can smell your perfect match.


L’Oreal of Paris is the beauty launch sponsor for “We are proud to support, an educational online destination that encourages every woman to embrace her unique beauty,” says Karen T. Fondu, President of L’Oréal Paris.
The science of a beautiful you

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