Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil and Cream Wash Review

Today, I will be doing a review on two Jill Stuart skincare products. Like all JS products, the packaging is cute. Both products are made in Japan. The Cleansing Oil is 200ml with retail price under 3,000 Yen while the Cream Wash is 132g for the price around 2,500 Yen.

The first one is the Cleansing Oil. It’s in a plastic bottle with pump design. It also has a stopper on the neck so it’ll be good for traveling. The regular 200ml isn’t heavy at all probably because of its plastic bottle. The texture is fairly light with fainted floral scent compared to other cleansing oils I’ve used before.

The one I used before was the famous Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. I will definitely pick the JS over Shu. Shu is a little on the heavy side also it leaves an oily feeling after you rinse it off with water. It makes me think if it really cleanses everything off my face and not to mention, it’s pricey. JS is also better than DHC. A lot of people said DHC is really good but basically, I can’t stand the strong scent and it doesn’t clean any better than JS. I also had a sample from Cosme Decorte the White Science Cleansing Oil. I would say the product itself ties into the JS one. But if you prefer non-scent version, Cosme Decorte might be a better choice.

After all it deserves a score of 5.

Now, let’s talk about the Cream Wash. I believe that everyone has used at least 10 types/brands of cream wash. Some claims to have whitening, exfoliating, or even hydrating effects. Honestly, I don’t think it makes a huge difference. I had a lot of Shiseido cream wash before, from Naturgo, Aquable, SkinCare, White Lucency, and Cle de Peau. I used to love the Cle de Peau refreshing cream wash because it contains the little beads. It makes the skin feel really clean after the gentle exfoliating, until I got this little sample of Jill Stuart. It’s a small 1ml pouch but lasted me a whole week.

Even though it doesn’t have the little beads that I love, but everything else is perfect. It smells like valley flowers just picked in the morning. The lather is so rich that all you need is a tiny green bean size. After you rinse it off, the skin doesn’t feel tight at all. It even leaves a fresh clean feeling. The only drawback is that if it only needs a bean size each time, when will I be able to use up the whole tube?! See the picture below? That’s how much I use every time.

I’m giving the Cream Wash a 5+.

Does anyone know if the Jill Stuart New York store carry’s the skincare products yet? I know that they have limited selection of makeup products. I really hope that they do well in the US market so maybe one day the department stores like Saks or Nieman will carry the full line.

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