Jill Stuart Fall 2012 Base Makeup Collection

Like the fluff from a dandelion caressing your cheek, carried on the wings of a soft breeze. This new lightweight foundation, airy and liberating, makes you feel as though you could simply soar up into the sky.

So feathery, yet moisturizing. Immediately after application the sensation begins. A feeling of freedom, as if weightless and dancing, swells within. The comfort of self-acceptance with no unnecessary embellishments. A feeling of happiness, wrapped softly in kindness.

Gently slide beneath a sheer veil to reveal skin that is ever-lastingly pure. Be fragile and overwhelming at the same time and start to shine even more beautifully as a woman.

A lightweight veil reminiscent of a flower fluff.

Weightless foundation that you will completely forget you are wearing.

Jill Stuart Fluffy Silk Powder Foundation Y5,000 (5 refill colors, Y3,500 each, compact ¥1,500) 

101 linen light ocher
202 ivory light, rosy ocher
103 nude standard ocher
204 sand reddish ocher
105 tan healthy ocher

Product features

  • Powder foundation that easily provides an extremely natural, translucent finish, as though a combination of liquid foundation and loose powder was used.
  • Each and every grain of powder is coated with highly emollient ingredients, heightening their adhesion to your skin and providing a thin, perfect covering. Resistant to becoming dull and excels at keeping makeup flawless.
  • Ingredients include highly emollient amino acid powder and highly emollient oils rich in phytosterol. Resistant to drying out, providing a long-lasting hydration.
  • While naturally covering blemishes, pores and other uneven areas, it gives a bright and delicate finish, like a light, thin and uniform veil. Does not become too thick even if applied in layers, and leaves skin feeling as if no makeup has been appilied.
  • Application with a powder puff results in diaphanous layers of makeup, for a soft and gentle final impression, leaving the skin with a comfortable sensation.
  • SPF20/PA++
  • Contains Amino Acid Powder, Mineral Powder.
  • Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.
  • A compact that makes a tender impression, with a modern, vintage feel. With brilliant cut stones and a bead motif it glitters like jewelry; arabesque trim completes its gorgeous design. Comes with a lingerie pink tassel.

Directions for use

  • Take an appropriate amount with the powder puff and slide across the skin.

Beauty Essences / Moisturizers

  • Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil

☆ Powder Puff

Jill Stuart Makeup Puff PF Y500 (Y525 including tax)

Supplied powder puff is just the right consistency and soft on the skin. Slide it across the skin to create a layer of makeup.

* New powder puffs also sold separately.


The moisturizing power of an 85% hydrating lotion composition.

A multi-makeup primer that gives a smooth and full finish.

Jill Stuart Luminuance 30 ml Y3,000 (Y3,150 including tax)

A delicately shimmering, faint pink color

Product features

  • Spreads lightly with a fresh sensation, comfortably enveloping the skin even as it blends smoothly into it. Provides a thin layer of uniform coverage that facilitates the application of foundation.
  • Contains 85% hydrating lotion. Highly emollient phospholipid capsules bring you soft, completely moisturized skin with a smooth finish.
  • Provides natural coverage for soft, smooth skin. This product alone is enough to enjoy a natural finish.
  • The faint pink color gives skin a bright, slightly flushed look of lively energy. Delicate illuminating powder supplies just the right degree of luster for a more natural look.
  • SPF15/PA++
  • Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.
  • The design of this easy-to-use dispenser is enhanced with a white, twisted polygonal form.

Guide for Volume to Use

  • 2 – 3 pushes (contains 100 – 150 uses)

Directions for use

  • Take a suitable amount and spread evenly across the entire face.

Beauty Essences / Moisturizers

  • Rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil


All products will be available on 09/07/2012

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