Jill Stuart Fall 2012 Romantic Smoke and Base Makeup Collection Swatches and Review

What is a Fall without a bit of romance. Romance in a way where the eyes, cheeks, lips, and skin is all highlighted in a way where a bit of smokiness and reds make the look perfected in such a flawless way. The look though is an elegant and mature classy one.

Today, we will be featuring Jill Stuart Romantic Smoke and Base Makeup Collection for Fall 2012.

Jill Stuart Fall 2012 Romantic Smoky Collection and Base Makeup Collection

First up, we have the Jewel Crystal Eyes in 11 Smoky Azurite.

I won’t discuss a in depth regarding packaging design on this. Rather it has been discussed quite many times before in the past, please see Spring Bare Petal Collection and Summer Playful Summer Collection. The case comes in a shiny silvery interior with a clear plastic wrapped around. It would be such a cute piece fit for any vanity table or makeup pouch.

The colors from this palette are rich and contain 2 variations of smoky. The colors can be seen as pearly white, coppery pink, smoky navy blue, and smoky black.

Each of the colors are pigmented and filled with shimmers. The contrasting colors make this palette go from various variations of smokiness. The combination is quite fall like, the darker shades with a mix of the lighter ones make this palette stand out by highlighting the lids.

What is Jill Stuart without a blush?? This time it is Blush Blossom Dual Cheek Color 09 Embellished Mimosa. The dual blush with a variation of pinks, something that is bright on one side and stronger in terms of intensity on the other.

As always with any Jill Stuart Blush Blossoms, there is an enclosed jewel encrusted push up brush with a charm at the end and the case design on the blush itself is quite shiny just like the other products.

After opening the blush, you might notice that the left color is a paler pink something that isn’t as bright but contrary to the look itself, once swatched it is actually different! On the right though, the pink is a lot darker or rather stronger and looks exactly like a bright pink. Maybe the word, “Hot” can be added into the mix too.

Looking at the colors as a whole, the left color is the pale pink that I was talking about earlier. Nothing like the one in the palette. It is much brighter with a thin white shimmer over it making the pink look more radiant than appearance. Right of this is the stronger pink color that ends up being quite visible and maybe even more pigmented then its counterpart. At the far right is the mix of both colors into one. The result is a much subtle pink that is perfect for the cheeks and looks like a toned down stronger version of the pink shown to the left.

Jill Stuart’s Lasting Gel Eyeliner 06 Stone Brown comes in a jar packaging that is frosted white with a shiny lid.

If you wanted to get a brush for the gel eyeliner, there is also an Eyeliner Brush. The brush is slim and retractable. It comes with a charm at the end.

This eyeliner doesn’t smudge and it spreads quite easily without friction. If you use the brush, you will be able to control the thickness of the line. Also, this eyeliner drys rather quickly and is long lasting (Waterproof / Smudge Proof).

Swatches to be shown later in the post.

Next we have up is Jill Stuart’s lipstick in 20 Alluring Words.

The packaging is in a jewel case design with a clear plastic outside case and shiny silvery metallic body on the inside. At the bottom of the lipstick is a big jewel with extreme clarity. It isn’t a big jewel though it is a design that highlights the entire lipstick.

Alluring Words can be seen in a Lily Pink that is shimmered in a soft mixture. According to the press release it was stated that this color was like sweet murmurings of a sexy vixen.

Here are a few shots of the lipstick showing you details on the look.

Now for the swatches. The lipstick holds an easy to use formula that glides on from end to end. It also holds shimmers that are spreaded out quite evenly. As far as feel goes, it isn’t dry rather it locks in moisture.

For the eyeliner, you can see, the brush strokes can be thick or thin depending on the angle and use. The formula consistency is superb as well providing end to end coverage.

After showing you the makeup from the season, now I will be showing you Fall’s Base Makeup.

First up is the Luminuance Makeup Primer. It comes in a twisted white polygonal bottle. The special thing about this primer is that it is composed of 85% lotion. Because its majority is lotion, it feels soft and moisturizing on the skin giving a smooth finish. What this primer does is that it creates a thin layer of coverage prior to putting on foundation.

The color of the liquid is in a very light pink and spreads across the skin evenly and naturally. This primer preps the skin for a perfect foundation application. It subtly brightens up the complexion without being dramatic.

Within this Base Makeup Collection also includes Fluffy Silk Powder Foundation, Powder Foundation Compact F and Jill Stuart Makeup Puff PF.

Of which, the compact is a refill with 5 different colors that you can find in the press here. The Makeup Puff though, is a refillable one that can be bought as a replacement. Its soft texture and pink wrap makes holding on to this puff easily.

Last but not least here is the main attraction to the Base Makeup Collection, Fluffy Silk Powder Foundation in 103 Nude. Every foundation comes with a shiny multi-facet jewelry styled compact case and a lingerie pink tassel.

The interior already holds a puff with a white plastic flip cover so that no excess amount of foundation is being wasted when not in use.

Finally, I want to show you a comparison between the new compact foundation compared to the Bright Silk version earlier this year. As you might know, the outside case design is very different between a shiny clear silver and prism white ceramic like look. The compact F (silver) is also slightly bigger than the compact B (white).

So both the new Fluffy Silk Powder Foundation and Bright Silk Powder Foundation are in 103 Nude. The difference between the two is quite simple, the new one is really lightweight making you feel like you don’t even have foundation on whereas the predecessor is a brightening foundation. Both are silky smooth and milled finely.

Romantic Smoke collection really highlights the facial appearances from the eyes to the lips. Not only does it look classy and elegant, it also has fantastic formula for good coverage. The Base Makeup collection acts as a complete package for the color part. It creates the perfect looking facial canvas for a smooth and even look before applying color makeup. Together both collections make Fall complete for Jill Stuart.

Jill Stuart Fall / Base Makeup Collection is already available at Jill Stuart Beauty.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

4 Responses to Jill Stuart Fall 2012 Romantic Smoke and Base Makeup Collection Swatches and Review

  1. perilouslypale September 10, 2012 at 4:44 PM

    Wow Wow Wow! That is an absolutely incredible looking collection! I have never tried Jill Stuart and haven’t really heard too much about the brand but man does that stuff have me interested!

    • Fruity September 11, 2012 at 2:36 AM

      JS is a really lovely brand from Japan. It’s not out here yet but the store in SOHO has some stuff for sale I believe.

  2. Ana M. September 11, 2012 at 4:18 AM

    Thanks so much for this review and swatches, those were exactly the items I was thinking of buying! I may now change the blush to the marigold one, since this looks too pink and similar to the one from the secret tease collection. Loving the lipstick, shame that the case is so bulky! Thanks again xx

    • Fruity September 12, 2012 at 12:14 AM

      You’d be surprise, the case isn’t that bulky on the lipstick. I think it looks a little bigger than it really is. Other than that, the collection isn’t bad I actually liked the promo pic.


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