Jill Stuart Holiday 2012 Stealing Heart Collection Swatches Review

Maybe one of the best things to experience during the holidays is what Jill Stuart says, “Make him say ‘I heart you!'” Especially if it is under a great big Christmas Tree just like the one at Union Square in San Francisco. With the air around you being a little chilly and all the surrounding buildings decorated with lights, it is a sure delightful sight of romance.

So what is today’s feature from Jill Stuart?

Stealing Heart Collection from Jill Stuart is the feature of today’s post. It is a limited edition coffret only for this Holiday! You probably guessed, the post from a week ago was a sneaky peaky for today. Though after all these years, I still love the releases from each Christmas the best from the brand. I remember years ago when I got my first one it was back in 2009 for Sweetness Collection. Back then instead of, “Make him say ‘I heart you!'” it was “Open Me!” and “Taste Me!”

This year though, it comes in a fluffy laced very light pink clutch. Completing it is the charm on the side with a big heart and JS initials in the middle.

Enclosed inside are the makeup goods. Can you tell what each of the items are?

Jill Stuart Holiday 2012 Stealing Heart Collection Contents

Let’s begin exploring with the eyeshadow compact. Besides seeing the hearts scattered throughout the top of the palette for design, it looks almost like something that is great not only for Christmas but also Valentines as well. Though for the purpose of the season, lets just say it makes an excellent makeup item to use for Christmas or to give as a present. I don’t mean just the palette, the whole set.

After opening the palette itself, the first few things seen is a shiny silver with diamond powder and a shiny gold with diamond powder. Yes diamond powder is the new title because of the powder being intricately milled. The next to things seen is a satin pink rose and a satin chocolate brown. Don’t forget there is a double sided brush as well for use.

The model for this is Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes 106 Captured Sardonyx.

Here is the swatch of the palette. As you might notice the colors aren’t as bold or flashy. Instead it is earthy and sweet. Sweet as in pink and warm toned. For highlighting the colors around the shiny silver at the far end will be enough.

Just like the eyeshadow palette, the face compact also has hearts scattered through as a design. The only difference is this palette is shaped in a squared look. Both palettes also holds a JS charm on chains.

This Face Powder in 102 Charming Feline comes complete with an overspray of shiny silver in the shape of a laced heart. Colors are soft pop hues. Do note that once the overspray is removed the face powder itself is rather subtle with a complexion enhancing flush of color. So make sure if you want the overspray look, use it on a special day that is unforgettable.

The last 3 items are Powder Puff, Lip Jewel 101 Kissy Thulite, and Jewel Crayon Eyeliner. Without going too much into details about the powder puff, it is used for the face powder. As for the lip gloss, it is semi translucent pink with subtle shimmer. Lastly, the eyeliner is smudge resistant and no transferring can be seen. The color on the eyeliner is black.

So here are the swatches of the face powder, lip gloss and the eyeliner. Take a look at the far left swatch, it is the face powder with the overspray whereas the middle one is without it. The difference can be seen from a more dramatic into something softer.

I thought you might want to see the inside of the clutch, so here it is. There is enough space to store each makeup item in its own place. There is even a pocket too!

So here is me holding the clutch up with the Christmas Tree in the background. Can you tell the nail polish color that I am wear? A quick hint is from Instagram.

I have been blown away by this set. The colors, no the clutch, is pure love to me. I simply can’t wait for their Spring 2013 collection now.

More information pertaining to the brand and items can be found at Jill Stuart.

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