Jill Stuart Makeup Spring 2012 Bare Petal Collection Swatches and Review

Known for her princess-y design where everything is filled in a world of dreams like fantasies and fairy tales, Jill Stuart’s upcoming collection is known as, “Secret Garden.” The collection has notable floral themes on the palettes and even outside packaging.

Jill Stuart’s Spring 2012 Collection will be available in stores on January 13, 2012.

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes 105 blooming roselite (¥5,000 *¥5,250 including tax)

“105 Blooming Roselite – Salmon & rose pink, like a field of beautiful flowers in bloom”

The first item of this series is the quad eyeshadow palette. It presents itself sparkling more than ever before almost as if in a garden full of different types of flowers reacting to the spring sun. The palette is also enhanced with ingredients to provide a dazzling fresh look upon application.

The 4 color palette is represented with floral like themes encrusted inside a clear crystal jewel box with a 1 button click open.

The back of the palette is a see through design showing the dual-tip applicator. You can also see the colors of the palette peaking through from the sides creating a wonderful and pleasant array of colors.

After opening the palette you have the colors forest sand, light salmon, rose pink, and smoky violet. Each of the colors are unique with shimmering sparkle made of pure crystal powder. There is also a floral fragrance that can be caught making the air around you smell like you are in a garden full of flowers.

In the direct sunlight you can notice that the crystal powders are the most noticeable on the dark violet color as well as traces on the others.

Here are two swatch shots taken in the sun with lens focused on different shades. You can see the sparkles on the minty green shade on the first shot when it’s slightly out of focus. And on the second shot the green is in focus while the rest three shades are out of focus so you can see the shimmers clearly on them. Because the shadows now contain “Enriched Milk Base,” a rich textured milky base, they blend much easier and stay better with pearlescent pigments giving off a rich, clear, and glossy color.

Here are each color in a natural light setting.

With the help of the camera’s flash, the sparkles and shimmers reflect back showing off the crystal powders.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 106 sprouting joy (¥5,000 *¥5,250 including tax)

“106 Sprouting Joy – Pink & orange overflowing with the joy of new life”

Jill Stuart’s mix blush compacts have got to be one of the products that I had extra fun with while mixing and matching the colors together. The blush offers 4 very fresh and vivid colors of spring flowers that I could think of such as Orange Blossom, Roses, and more! Not only are the colors very refreshing after the cold season, they are bright jumping out at you.

This limited edition blush compact comes with a ruby like jeweled over silver makeup brush that is attached with a chain. The makeup brush itself is 100% natural goat hair. The brush can be taken off the chain if you prefer.

After opening the compact, there are 4 colors in front of you. Each color can be used by itself or combined in different ways to create an unique color. Notice that this blush also contains pleasant bouquet of floral fragrance.

The compact contains the colors of gentle beige, neon orange, hot pink and soft bubblegum pink. Each colors provide a different color flush portraying spring on your cheeks.

I noticed that after putting the blush into direct sunlight, the details are very transparent and the colors provide a very vibrant and warm full of life. It’s like the colors are fresh and anew.

Each shade is swatched in a clockwise direction on my skin with far right all four shades blended together. I feel that the powder is very smooth and the application is easy as well. It almost felt that the colors magically melted and blended onto my skin evenly. The image shown below in sunlight shows Jill Stuart’s blush in a very Spring like manner with very highlighting colors for the season.

I decided to throw an extra photo in with flash showing the crystal powders sparkle from the gentle beige color and on the blended blush color on the far right.

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom 08 pure magnolia (¥4,500 *¥4,725 including tax)

“08 Pure Magnolia – A fresh pink, combining smooth and bright salmon pink with magnolia overflowing with warmth”

Blush Blossoms are filled with 2 colors that bring a sense of creativity and something new that aren’t seen in an everyday makeup counter. Instead it is a compact split with 2 very loose powder colors ready to use.

Each Blush Blossoms also come with a makeup brush that is 100% natural goat hair. Except instead of a chain you get a bow at the end. The jewel encrusted design on the compact makes it look very feminine and cute.

Turning over the compact gives us a briefly look at 08 Pure Magnolia and the colors associated. The combination is a fresh pink color along with a salmon pink color.

Opening the case, you see a big decorated mirror and a white plastic lid cover to hold the loose powders from spilling out. After lifting the lid cover you then see transparent sheet on top of a honey comb design screen where you could tap the loose powder a bit and use the accompanied brush to apply on your cheeks.

In direct sunlight you can see the screen and the loose powder beneath it. The screen holes trap a few loose powders so your not dipping the makeup brush entirely inside and mixing the colors up. Instead you can use whichever color your heart desires.

Here is a comparison between the Mix Blush Compact’s brush design and the one accompanying the Blush Blossom. As you might notice the Blush Blossom brush has an embossed ribbon design on its cap and also at the end of the chain, whereas the Mix Blush Compact one is a straight original Jill Stuart designed brush and the chain is thicker.

In the direct sunlight, you can see the differences between each color (left / middle) and the mixed together version (right). There is a iridescent shine in each color giving off a more holy color.

When applied with flash, the colors reflect back a trail of silvery light. The reflective agents inside the blush makes the colors very sparkly.

Jill Stuart Lip Jewel 15 cherubic spinel (¥2,800 each *¥2,940 including tax)

“15 Cherubic Spinel – An innocent pink with a fine sparkle”

While applying the Lip Jewel, the powerful emollient properties nourish and protect the lips keeping them soft and moist. The sparkles and shimmers reflecting back light give a mesmerizing look on the lips.

The design on the Lip Jewel is like a royal wand with detailed floral design and an encrusted Swarovski crystal at the cap. Inside the container is a flocked tip applicator with long bristles which picks up more color and feels incredibly soft on the lips.

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss 28 cherry blossom (¥2,200 each *¥2,310 including tax)

“28 Cherry Blossom – A delicate, fragile, soft pink, like cherry blossom”

This Jelly Lip Gloss provides a easy squeeze tube design that gives a smooth application along with a glossy top coat on the lips. The shimmers provide an extra shiny look of details on the lips.

The lip gloss’s color is one of Cherry Blossom with delicate shimmers. The cap is Jill Stuart’s iconic crystal design.

Comparing the Lip Jewel and the Lip Gloss, the colors are similar in sunlight. Besides the difference in packaging design, the lip gloss provides a more translucent look and the lip jewel is more fluorescent in color.

Here is a swatch with the sunlight depicting how the Lip Jewel (bottom) and Lip Gloss (top) look. The colors are very soft and subtle for the spring lips.

Jill Stuart Crayon Eyeliner 01 lush black (¥2,000 each *¥2,100 including tax)

“01 Lush Black – A rich black, deep and luscious”

With richness and full coverage the crayon eyeliner proves an easy and effortless application. It glides on smoothly and the deep bold black color enhances the eyes with its soft core.

The eyeliner comes with a waterproof formula for a long lasting look. That means it is resistant against sweat, water, and tears. The design on the eyeliner comes like artistic professional color pencil except with a royal princess-y look. There is also a plastic white cap at the end protecting the pencil from drying or damaged. The liner is small enough to carry around with you in a purse and everywhere you go.

The cap is designed with an artistic miniature diamonds around the shaft and around the cap. There is also a brilliant cut gemstone at the very top.

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N 17 murmuring river (¥2,000 each *¥2,310 including tax)

“17 Murmuring River – White silver, like a river flowing softly through sparkling sunlight”

Jill Stuart’s Jelly Eye Color provides a glowing radiant sparkle with its soft jelly texture. It blends smoothly and glides across the area you want it to with ease and long lasting power.

This Jelly Eye color case is lightweight with a glass body and the cap is decorated with lace design.

After opening the cap you see the white silvery color in a jelly like form with a large amount of shimmers all spread out. The sweet smell of floral is also peeking at the nose upon opening.

Here is a look at the jelly in direct sunlight. Notice the creaminess and light texture of the jelly.

After applying the jelly eye color, it is in clear form with highlighting silvery shimmers.

Finally, here is a full look at the last 4 products mentioned above with camera flash. From left to right are Lip Jewel, Jelly Lip Gloss, Crayon Eyeliner, and Jelly Eye Color.

Jill Stuart’s Spring collection presents a fresh floral pastels harmony for the dazzling eyes, soft lips and barely there cheeks. With the new formula enhancements the makeup proves to provide a moisturizing and long lasting effect. The bouquet of floral fragrance in each of the products is as sparkling and pleasant as the product itself! This is one of the collections you surely don’t want to miss!

Jill Stuart (ジルスチュアート) 2012 Spring Makeup Collection

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7 Responses to Jill Stuart Makeup Spring 2012 Bare Petal Collection Swatches and Review

  1. Justine December 28, 2011 at 4:16 AM

    The colours for this look as so bright and fresh – perfect for spring! But I feel like they are all pretty dupeable – so far the only ‘must buy’ for me is the pressed blush – I love the colour, the LE floral detail, and plus it has my middle name in it. So pretty!

    • admin December 31, 2011 at 5:17 PM

      The scent on the entire set is extremely nice and refreshingly sweet!

  2. Lyn December 28, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    does the smell bother you after application?

    • admin December 31, 2011 at 5:18 PM

      Nope, not at all.

  3. Elisa December 28, 2011 at 1:03 PM

    omg!! i’m so jealous !! i love jill stuart products because the packaging is so cuteeeee!!!! love the pigmentation as well 😀

  4. Farrah December 28, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    Why don’t we have cosmetics like these in department stores here. They look so gorgeous especially with the princess design. The brushes look amazingly cute.

  5. Angela Wang December 29, 2011 at 9:59 AM

    I envy you for having this. Hopefully, Barry can get me some Jill Stuart.


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