Jill Stuart Relax Collection

Not in order to meet someone, and not to make some kind of impression. Just to have a “fragrance” for yourself.

During lazy mornings of a holiday, or in moments snatched from the busiest of days, simply reach out and you are restored. Like the key to a secret room, it protects you, bringing you a moment of comfort matched with a gentle flutter of excitement.

The soft and graceful fragrance is like fresh flowers that have just opened from bud, mingled with rich and juicy tones of fresh fruit. The scent brings a moment of sheer relaxation to your heart, as though enwrapping it in a thick and fluffy bathrobe.

Smoothly cuddling closer, fulfilled by your unprepossessing manner, enjoy the sweet blessings.

Surrounding you with the scent of fresh fruit and sweet flowers, an Eau de Cologne with a fragrance that gently snuggles up to you.

Jill Stuart Relax Eau de White Floral
50mL Y3,800 (Y3,990 including tax)

Product Features

  • An Eau de Cologne that envelops you in a soft feeling of blessings with its aromatic white floral bouquet fragrance, combining white and pink flowers with natural aromatic oils.
  • The top note is comprised of highly translucent citrus and berries, a crystal fruity bouquet popping with the soft sweetness of greenery. This light, refreshing meeting opens the door to your heart, inviting you out into an expansive field of flowers. The middle note is an aromatic floral bouquet, overflowing with the sweetness of innocently sparkling flowers and a feeling of sheer elation. Natural oils from delicate and noble flowers and herbs unwind your heart, enveloping it with a feeling of ultimate relaxation. The base note brings a gentle and soft feeling of warmth, a relaxing musky bouquet that makes you feel like you want to just stay by someone’s side forever, and leaving behind a deep, comfortable warmth and melting reverberations of pure appeal.
  • Represents the “clean & modern” design concept of JILL STUART Relax. Fringed with a beads motif, a translucent design that allows the JILL STUART Relax flower pattern to appear transparent. Comes with a removable ribbon charm.

Sold with a textile gift box in a white floral pattern.

(Fragrance : Aromatic White Floral Bouquet)


Lose yourself in the gently dancing flame. Aromatic candle that diffuses the wonderful fragrance of flowers.

Jill Stuart Relax Candle
170g Y3,800 (Y3,990 including tax)

Product Features

  • An aromatic candle that burns with a gently wavering flame while filling your room with a sweet white floral fragrance.
  • When not lit, it gives a light and refreshing impression, couched amid fresh sweetness. When lit, a sweet, deep fragrance with an amazing feeling of comfortable warmth spreads out to envelop the entire room.
  • An easy-to-use size that can be placed anywhere, also making it the perfect gift.
  • A translucent, pure design that takes white as its main color. The label is decorated with a charming flower pattern, with highlights of the brand color, pink. Comes with a removable ribbon charm.
  • Fragrance of Aromatic White Floral Bouquet


  • Do not burn for more than 3 hours as the container may get too hot.


Fragrance of Aromatic White Floral Bouquet

This relax series fragrance is created from white and pink flowers mixed with natural aromatic oils. A relaxed, comforting fragrance that mixes refreshing citrus, including lemon, orange and grapefruit, white flowers such as lilies, lily of the valley and jasmine and the floral tones of roses, inviting you to relax your heart and soul and sink into an endless feeling of comfort, as though enveloped in a giant, fragrant bouquet.

Feels fluffy and soft on your skin.A cosmetic bag that you just won’t be able to resist touching.

Jill Stuart Cosmetic Bag (White Floral)
Y2,500 (Y2,625 including tax)
Bag size: approx. W275×H175×D105mm 

Product Features

  • A cosmetic bag representing the “clean & modern” design concept of JILL STUART Relax.
  • The perfect size for use as a mini-bag when quickly popping out somewhere, and also makes a wonderful gift.
  • Has the JILL STUART logo embroidered on the front, and a ribbon charm attached.

The inside of the bag is printed with a textile flower pattern. (with a mini-pocket inside)


Everything will be in stores from December 7, 2012

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