Jill Stuart Summer 2013 Skip Over The Rainbow Makeup Collection

Introducing Jill Stuart’s new miracle mascara, Blooming Blossom Curl Rush Mascara!


Like a flurry of blooming flowers, a gorgeous upward curl increases the allure of your eyes. New mascara that allows every girl’s ultimate “cuteness” to blossom.


1. Voluptuous & Lasting Curl

The airy feather formulation, with its light base, combines with curl-keep polymers to realize both “curling” and “long-lasting” power! A single application holds its shape for longer than you will believe.

2. One Brush to Separate & Lengthen

The unique “Blossom Curl Brush” catches and curls your eyelashes right from their roots. Using bristles of three different lengths, the brush easily applies mascara to the finest of areas and is comfortable to use even when applying additional layers, rarely resulting in clogging or getting caught. Separates and then lengthens each and every eyelash.

3. A Smooth Layer

A formulation that includes airy fit wax and fibers with staying power that also rarely get into your eyes. Does not feel hard or taught, instead providing a finish so light you’ll almost forget you’re wearing it.

4. Easily Removable Film Type

A film type that is resistant to sweat and lipids, yet can easily be removed by using warm water.

5. Gentle On Your Eyelashes

Pearl extract formulation helps repair your eyelashes and keep them healthy and firm.


Like a full blooming flower.
Film type mascara for uplifting curls.

Jill Stuart Blooming Blossom Curl Rush Mascara Y3,000 (Y3,150 including tax)


01 pure black – A real black, with depth and gloss

Product features

  • Brings curl-keeping power to your eyelashes, lifting them like a blossoming flower. The airy feather formulation provides a super light covering, giving a beautiful finish that lasts.
  • A formulation that includes softening wax reduces the burden placed on your eyelashes, creating a smooth and uniform covering.
  • Formulated from a base that is highly resistant to lipids and water, maintaining curl without being affected by sweat.
  • A film type that can easily be removed using just warm water.
  • Also contains pearl extract, gentle on your eyelashes. Brings you healthy and smooth lashes.
  • Pure black color, distinct and deep.
  • The frilly bottle is designed to evoke a larger blossoming flower. The center of the flower on the cap is set with a pink Swarovski.
  • Fragrance of crystal floral bouquet.

Directions for use

  • Use the brush as though combing your lashes out from their roots to their tips. After applying to the top of your eyelashes, then combing and lifting them up from underneath will further aid in creating curl.
  • To remove, apply warm water, wait a few moments, and then gently take your lashes between your fingers and clean them off.

Beauty essences

  • Pearl extract (eyelash repair)
  • Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (moisturizers)


Skip over the rainbow

The sun shines through the clouds, and a bridge in seven-colors appears across the sky. The end of the rain is followed by a warm, moist breeze, the flowers accepting its refreshing blessing, still glittering with lingering droplets as they turn and smile toward the sun. Everything seems brand new, as though it has just been born, and it feels like the start of a whole new world. As your heart begins to sour, there’s no way you can just sit still.

Girls spirits are lifted by a palette of translucent colors, the very embodiment of the pure atmosphere of summer. Treat your eyelids and cheeks to a harmony of moisturizing pop colors and dazzling sparkle.

Once you have the rainbow of happiness on your side, you’ll feel ready to walk wherever your legs desire. Dash out into a refreshing, sparkling summer.


Colors as vivid as rain-wet flower petals.
Jelly blush with a refreshing luster.

Jill Stuart Jelly Blush 6g 5 limited edition colors Y2,800 each (Y2,940 including tax)

jill-stuart-summer-2013-skip-over-the-rainbow-jelly-blush jill-stuart-summer-2013-skip-over-the-rainbow-jelly-blush-colors

★01 lacy petal – A fragile, milky pink, as though fresh flower petals have been piled together (Silver pearl nuance)

★02 floral rondo – A milky coral, like a blizzard of charming flowers (Gold, silver pearl nuance)

★03 swinging chorus – A milky orange, like cheerfully singing flowers (Red, gold pearl nuance) * Main color

★04 with a whistle – A juicy rose pink, like a translucent bead of dew (Silver pearl nuance)

★05 let vibrate – A juicy red, packed with the vibrating energy of singing voices (Red, gold pearl nuance)

★ Limited edition color

Product features

  • A fresh jelly type cheek color that’s moist to the touch. Spreads comfortably, coolly across your skin, for a close and perfect finish.
  • Petal colors that blend beautifully into your skin. Brings you refreshing moisture while also providing a translucent luster and gorgeous, popping color, culminating in a soft and sweet blush finish.
  • Keeps that beautiful, just-applied color and moisture for a long time.
  • A thin and uniform layer closely covers your skin, keeping the makeup in place.
  • The design has a refreshing, translucent finish and a flower petal theme. A silver flower motif is printed on the side.
  • Fragrance of crystal floral bouquet.

Directions for use

  • Take an appropriate amount on your fingertip and blend into your skin. * Can be used on top of a powder foundation.

Beauty essences

  • Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (moisturizers)


Refreshing coverage with a soft and gentle touch.
New summer colors like the sky after rainfall.

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N 3 new colors Y2,200 each (Y2,310 including tax)

jill-stuart-summer-2013-skip-over-the-rainbow-jelly-eye-color-n jill-stuart-summer-2013-skip-over-the-rainbow-jelly-eye-color-n-colors

19 passion fruit – A peach coral evocative of juicy passion fruit (Red, gold pearl nuance) * Main color

20 coconut mint – A brilliant mint, mixing refreshing green with coconut white (Silver pearl and cold color laminate nuance)

21 soda pop – A light blue, themed around the refreshment of soda (Blue, silver pearl nuance)

Product features

  • Eye color that’s like fresh, springy jelly. New colors evoke a summer’s day after the rain has ended and the sun breaks through the clouds.
  • Brings you a highly translucent sparkle and clear, popping color.
  • Provides perfect, close coverage on your eyelids, giving a long lasting just-applied beauty and feeling of moisture.
  • Pure crystal powder formulation.
  • Fragrance of crystal floral bouquet.

Directions for use

● Take an appropriate amount on your finger tip and spread across your eyelid. * Close the cap tightly after use.

Beauty essences

  • Wild rose extract (moisturizer)
  • Almond oil (emollient)


Like drops of water falling from flower petals.
Lip gloss that brings you lustrous lips.

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss 2 new colors Y2,200 each (Y2,310 including tax)

jill-stuart-summer-2013-skip-over-the-rainbow-jelly-lip-gloss jill-stuart-summer-2013-skip-over-the-rainbow-jelly-lip-gloss-colors

31 weekend stroll – An uplifting apricot orange (Gold, silver, orange pearl nuance) * Main color

☆32 andante cantabile – A clear pink with a fresh feeling of translucency (a sheer blue-pink with the faintest sparkle of pearls) ☆ Non-pearl

Product features

  • Spreads meltingly lightly, smoothly, giving perfect coverage. Lip gloss that brings you voluptuous, full lips.
  • Light and natural new colors evoke summer after the rain has ended, the clouds gone and the sun shining out.
  • A close and lustrous layer provides a long lasting, just-applied, wonderfully smooth finish.
  • The tube is cut at an angle for easy direct application onto your lips.
  • Pure crystal powder formulation.
  • Fragrance of crystal floral bouquet.

Directions for use

  • Apply and spread by placing the tube directly against your lips, or by taking an appropriate amount on your finger tip or a brush.

Beauty essences

  • Rosehip oil, Almond oil (emollient)


2013 Summer Makeup

Skip over the rainbow

Refreshing, fresh makeup that makes you feel as though you skipping along after the rain.


How to makeup


1. Take an appropriate amount of Jelly Eye Color N on your finger, then spread by dabbing from the edge of your upper eyelid in toward your eyehole.

2. Draw an eye line as though to cover your top eyelashes.

3. Apply mascara using the brush, as though combing your lashes out from their roots to their tips.


Take an appropriate amount of Jelly Blush on your finger, then dab onto the highest point of your cheek and blend in.


Take an appropriate amount of Jelly Lip Gloss on your finger, then work it into your lips. Adding a second layer in just the center of your lips will give greater depth.


Paint your nails evenly using the brush. Apply additional layers as desired.

makeup data

Blooming Blossom Curl Rush Mascara : 01 pure black

Jelly Eye Color N : 19 passion fruit 

Crayon Eyeliner : 01 lush black

Jelly Blush : 03 swinging chorus 

Jelly Lip Gloss : 31 weekend stroll

Nail Lacquer R : 17 flower picking

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Available: April 26, 2013

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