Jill Stuart’s First Mix Blush Compact and a few Dior Fashion Show Screen Caps

Murky the vault keeper has finally came back! He went to see Raf Simons and his Dior Fashion Show. Surprised as he was, he saw a lot of new things which was a shocker for him. Screenshots later on in the post.

So he handed over the Jill Stuart’s Mix Blush Compact 01 Baby Blush for me to play with before he left the house. I still remember when I first got it, I was full of joy. Even though now I own more than 10 of these, the very first one still holds a special spot in my heart. It was only lightly used then stored in the vault. The design and the way it looked including the feel in hand was so different than anything else.

Anyways, here are the pieces that caught Murky’s eye so he took¬†the screenshots himself. He can’t stop saying how he loved the fabrics and the arrangements of these designs.

He thought that the eyeshadow on the models was especially¬†mesmerizing…. The End!

Dior Fashion Show photos: courtesy of Dior.com

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