July Chinese Magazines

For the Chinese beauty magazine part, I picked up Vivi (International Chinese version), Beauty and Choc. I almost missed this month’s Choc. I kept checking it at my regular bookstore but it never hit the shelf. Luckily I got it at a Chinese bookstore last weekend. It’s the last one too.

Vivi has some interesting backstage photos of Ayu’s concert. I was wondering why she’s wearing a mask.

Fukuoka Asia Collection

Cute Vivi style hand bags

A girl can never have enough sandals

and sneakers too

Sweet Macaroon fashion

French vintage

America style

Take care of your hair

Summer season is also a wedding season. Who doesn’t want to look best at weddings? Beauty Magazine teaches you how.

Feel and look cool in hot weather

Mix and matching for OLs

Hair styling

Choc Summer Denim Class

Get ready for Fall

Super cute Paul Frank

Mascara showdown

Make it up with different colors and technics

Makeup prince Xiao Wei teaches how to do a vertical blending with blue and white shadows

Detailed tutorial

Finished look

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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