Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection! Your Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Skin by Hollywood’s Leading Skin Health Expert

For some of you, Kate Somerville is about the skincare products that you see at the department store. But did you know she had an awesome book around? A book that talks about who she really is and her philosophy about the skin. It also talks about how you could have your complexion looking perfect. There are also a few examples of before and after shots on case studies too.

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection

For almost 20 years, Kate Somerville has been the celebrity facialist who gets your skin glowing and looking great. The book starts off with her life, Kate’s life. We get a dose of information about her parents, and how she was as a kid all the way up to this book.

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection Photos of Kate

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection Preface

Throughout the book, you will notice that there are pretty much all sorts of connections your skin has with its surroundings especially how much impact the environment has.

Without going through the entire book, I will be giving a glimpse at some of the key parts of the book. Knowing about how our skin functions and how it reacts is very important. Emotions, Diets (how we eat), and Treatments can transform how our skin looks.

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection Skin-ology

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection The Emotional Connection

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection Beauty and the Buffet

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection Treatments That Transform

This one chapter is something, I wanted to show. Looking at the chapter, it talks about morning to evening routines and also steps to cleanse, exfoliate, and care for the skin. For newbies and amateurs this chapter is a must read if you want to look your greatest.

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection At-Home Regimens

There is also a whole chapter in which Kate answers all sorts of questions related to skin, such as dark circle, blackheads, sunscreen, large pores, you name it!

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection Quiz Kate

I do want to mention that there is a few pages pertaining to her skincare products. For more information pertaining to them you can find them online at her site, Kate Somerville.

Kate Somerville Skin Care Products

Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection Back Cover

Kate Somerville’s book is like a bible for the skin. It has just about everything you need all shortened into a few hundred pages. That is like 20 years of Kate’s experience you can get from reading! I even learned a few things as to how to cleanse and care for my skin as well as things to eat from the food chapter. What nice about this book is that, everything is well organized so after a single read, you will know where to find information as reference should you have questions.

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