Kim Kardashian’s Latest Fragrance True Reflection

Kim Kardashian’s latest fragrance, True Reflection is now available exclusively online at

An alluring scent that reflects the dynamic, sparkling spirit you embody. A tribute to the intriguing essence that defines you and the eye-opening experiences you have triumphed over, Kim Kardashian brings you True Reflection. The fragrance that embraces every side of you, from your entrancing femininity to your sophisticated glamour, True Reflection mirrors every layer of your captivating, vivacious personality, and tells the story of a woman who’s seen it all and remains as strong as ever. Created to reflect Kim Kardashian’s evolution as a woman, True Reflection is meant to inspire confidence, evoking the wisdom and glamour that can only be attained by experiencing life to the fullest.

I wanted True Reflection to have a bit of a twist compared to my previous scents,” says Kim. “Gardenia is a constant in all my fragrances, but I wanted this one to be a little more rich and layered, to reflect the experiences I’ve been through and all the different dimensions of my personality.

Housed in an art deco vessel reminiscent of a diamond, True Reflection’s two-toned bottle encapsulates the scent’s enigmatic, complex notes that embrace the full scope of a woman’s life, marked by its intensity and its hopefulness. Opaque and multifaceted, the bottle shifts seamlessly in the light from a deep, dark tone into a more translucent color – it is as intriguingly luxurious and utterly irresistible as the fragrance it contains.

WHAT IT COSTS: Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml, $68.00; Eau de Parfum Spray 50 ml, $55.