Life Long Beauty Tips To Look the Best

Recently, I did a survey with approximately 50 or so women between the ages of 20 and 30. Results? Shocking! Without going into too many details most of them stated that their everyday routine contained nothing more than a cleanser. Almost everyone said, performing a full beauty routine was too much work and makeup was the solution to everything.


So today, I am here to share about some life experiences I had with my skin. A perfect skin is like a natural beauty that even the world’s most prestigious makeup cannot match. The flawless canvas is important as a foundation base to makeup art. Starting off, I am first going to talk about some of the major stages in my life and what has changed each time.

The Dark Ages

During the course of my teens up till maybe right around college, I haven’t been the most careful person with my skin. You can say I was nerdy or maybe even a book worm? Usually liking to cheat time and get things over with, I put on an all in one body cream that would go well with the face. Never really read the labels though so just assumed, kinda like baby lotion to some effect.

Entering the Workforce

This is probably the time I started to think a lot more about my skin. I saw everyone having goddess like skin and I was sorta jealous. So with nowhere to go or ask, I zoomed into Nordstrom. If I thought about it at that time, I would have Googled around. At Nordstrom I found out about cleaners, exfoliaters, serums, moisturizers, and the whole schbang. I was amazed but nonetheless, it was worth the trip. This was how I began evolving from a simple minded country like girl to the city life?

The Sealed Deal

OMG! Masks are so important for Marriages. Well before the marriage because it is like some super mushroom like what Mario eats when he battles Bowser. I don’t really play video games anymore but I watch what the hubs plays on the Wii U lately.


Fast forwarding to the recent years, my beauty routine has probably gotten really much more extensive than I was a teen. I remember there was a time that makeup took maybe around 5 or 10 minutes then it went as much as 1 hour. Nowadays, it is back down to 5 or 10 minutes. Why? Because I will be talking about some serious tips I learned throughout my life thus far.

First thing it would be lessening the makeup routine. Instead of spending all that time on makeup, why not go out for a jog or quick exercise? I found that exercising and getting more oxygen into our body is what brings out the beauty. Plus it is like an excuse to lose fat and stay fit. Looking healthy and staying fit are very important.

Not only is exercising important, remembering to put on sunscreen with suitable SPF to shield your skin from the harmful UV rays. We all love the sun and fun but too much of it will burn the skin, or even worse causing skin cancer.

Cleansing and exfoliating are also key to keeping our canvas clean. While we are on the topic, don’t ever leave your makeup on for overnight! It is beyond bad! No matter how tired or how sleepy you get, always take it off. Also while you’re at it, put on some moisturizer and serum to keep your skin in top shape after cleansing.

Before I conclude, water, aqua, or some would call it H2O is something that you can’t get away without. Our system needs water to survive and a lot of it can keep our skin supple and refreshed.


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