Lorac Touch-Up To Go Concealer Foundation Pen Swatch Review

So the next big thing is Valentine’s Day? Let’s see if everything that is needed for the perfect day is in the purse ready to go.

Lipstick CHECK
Mascara CHECK
…… Concealer maybe? Foundation maybe?

So what will you do if you are working that day, or out the whole day and need a simple little touch up every now and then? Lorac just might have the perfect solution for you.

Lorac Touch-Up To Go

Today we will be featuring 3 colors from the new Touch-Up To Go pens from Lorac. More accurately speaking, they are a multi-functional product for both concealer and foundation.
Lorac Touch-Up To Go Box Info Ingredients

The 3 colors featured today are CF1 Fair, CF8 Medium Tan, and CF12 Deep. By looking at all 3 colors you will be able to see how they perform in terms of color.

If you didn’t know yet, these pens come oil, paraben, and fragrance free. Instead you will find that Vitamins A and E, Acai Berry, White and Green Tea are all infused into the formula. I love Green Tea a lot. But I didn’t know with these ingredients they actually promote healthy and youthful-looking complexion!

As you can see the packaging design is professional looking and ultra sleek. There is also a stripe of color attached so no confusion when picking up the shades. If you prefer to store your pens in a holder, you can easily find the shade number printed on the push end.

Lorac Touch-Up To Go Concealer Foundation Pen

Lorac Touch-Up To Go CF1 CF8 CF12

Each pen comes with a brush and a push-click design. Pop off the cap and click! The initial activation is simple, with just 2 or 3 clicks you should be able to see product coming out. Just be aware that each click dispenses an amount of makeup on to the brush to use. Overly dispensing is a total waste. The design on these pens make it an easy throw in the purse for on the go touch ups. After all, they are for on the go fixes.

Lorac Touch-Up To Go Pen Packaging

Lorac Touch-Up To Go Pen Brush

Applying colors on the skin is easy and mess free. That is primarily due to the pens being so user friendly with its all-in-one pen shape. Now for the formula. Contrary to what I thought that there might not be enough hydration because of its oil-free formula. I was proven false. These liquid pens give an invisible finish with very comfortable wear. What I mean by invisible finish is that they are lightweight, and almost as if nothing was there. Though coverage is even with good amount of pigmentation. The swatch below shows all 3 colors from left to right are CF1 Fair, CF8 Medium Tan, and CF12 Deep.

Lorac Touch-Up To Go CF1 CF8 CF12 Swatch


Lorac’s Touch-Up To Go Concealer/Foundation Pens are suitable for all sorts of skin types and with its vast 12 shades variation available, anyone can find the color they need. Not only are these just perfect, they might even be the savior when we are out and need to touch up a little. It’s quite a confidence booster for flawless skin, especially on the upcoming Valentine’s day.

Check these out at Sephora, Ulta, and Lorac.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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