Lunasol I

This is one of my favorite Japanese cosmetics brands, also requested by my friend Mihoko. So I’m going to take sometime and write about it.

I started liking this brand about 3 years ago when my friend brought me an eyeshadow palette from Macau. It’s the Prismatical Eyes 04 Blue variation. I’ve never seen any eyeshadow like that before in the US. The quad looked so beautiful with 4 coordinating colors especially in the sunlight when you can see the reflection of different particles. Since then, I started collecting the brand as much as I can and even got interested in the brand itself.

This year is actually Lunasol’s 10th anniversary. It was born in February 1999. Meansing “moon” (luna) and “sun” (sol), Lunasol is a very chic and grownup line from Kanebo Cosmetics. The brand always brings out the inner beauty that exists in all women. It has the full line from base makeup, to point makeup even skincare products. Since I’m more of an eyeshadow person, I’ll be mainly focus on eyeshadow palettes. Not like some other brands the company makes, such as Kate and Coffret D’or, Lunasol is very low-key and elegant, it’s popular among a lot of OLs. But it’s definitely not boring and can be very smoky looking if packed on. The brand belongs in the group of hi-end department store so the price is not cheap. For example, an eyeshadow quad is listed for 5,000 Yen (without tax). It’s about the same price as Chanel or Dior. As far as I can remember, their eyeshadow is always packaged in deep copper tone with heavy metal feeling. Even though it’s plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. There’s always a full sized mirror on the flap and 2 high quality applicators underneath the eyeshadow.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing some reviews on the eyeshadow palettes I own. So keep tuned.

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