Lunasol II – Sheer Contrast Eyes

Today’s topic is Lunasol’s Sheer Contrast Eyes. As far as I know, Lunasol and some other Japanese cosmetics brands always make 4 major releases each year, that including Spring, Autumn being regular items and Summer, Christmas time (Winter) being limited edition. Sheer Contrast Eyes was released as regular Spring items in 2008. There were also 2 limited eyeshadows for the summer time the same year. The official concept is “A multihued four-color eye shadow set which looks as if it was taken from a scene in the ocean. Sheer Highlight formula gives shimmering sparkles of water surface to the eyes as clear colors vivaciously brighten up the expressions”.

Although it is called Sheer Contrast Eyes, the color payoff is pretty intense, at least far from being called sheer. It has 5 color variations for Spring and 2 for Summer. The most popular one would be the 02 Lavender Coral. I personally like the 05 Orange Coral a lot too. But very sadly that the company has discontinued it.

This is how they look on the internet. Now let me show you what they look in real life. The photos are taken in natural sunlight without flash.

Top 3 are 01 Coral Coral, 02 Lavender Coral and 03 Blue Coral. Bottom 2 are 04 Green Coral and 05 Orange Coral (they’re placed upside down).

Now 2 limited Summer palettes.

Left: EX01C Blue Green Coral
Right: EX02C Bronze Coral

This is the comparison photo between the Blue Coral, Blue Green Coral and Green Coral. The Blue Green Coral is like the combination of Blue Coral and Green Coral with very little shadow color change.

This is the swatch of all colors.

When I was doing the swatch, I found out something interesting which is that not all the highlight colors (bottom right) have the same texture. For example, the light pink color in 01 Coral Coral is more like a fine shimmer while the white highlight in 03 Blue Coral is more chunkier. It’s not a huge difference but still you can tell.

After all this is a very pretty eye shadow collection even by looking at the palette itself. It’s good for both day time subtle look and night time party look.

Last but not least, you can get them at Mihokoshop. This is a very reliable and friendly store. I highly recommend it.

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