Lunasol IV – Geminate Eyes

“A five-color eye shadow set for creating eyes that sparkle endlessly like gemstones. The eyes acquire new depth and dimensions with colors that never smudge as they are layered on, giving birth to a glossy moist look and a noble radiance.” – Lunasol Genimate Eyes Collection.

This was released as part of the Lunasol Dual Glowing Purification collection in fall 2007.

The collection includes 5 jewel box looking palettes when opened. It’s the first and only time that Lunasol offers 5 eyeshadows in each palettes. In the center of the palette, a piece of “gem” represents each name of the palette – Cat’s Eye, Alexandrite, Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby. There are a good variety of pearls and lamés combined for colorations that match different gems.

01 Cat’s Eye (CE) This one along with 02 are most great for fall time. These two palettes have a lot of warm shades which will brighten up a cold gloomy winter day. The difference is that CE is more orange copper toned with green glitter for the gem color while the AR is brown red toned with red glitter for the gem color.

02 Alexandrite (AR) According to Lunasol, AR features the largest collection of pearls and lamés (26 different sizes, textures and colors).

03 Diamond (DM) The colors in this palette are really light and pastel-y. They don’t show up nicely on dark skin tones. Maybe that’s why they discontinued it. It’s the most suitable one for day time look among the 5 palettes. The middle shade shows multi color reflection under sunlight.

04 Sapphire (SP) Different from the first three palettes, the last two use gradation shades instead of coordinating colors to bring out the harmony. Sapphire is cool, mysterious and sparkly while Ruby is warm, feminine and lively.

05 Ruby (RB) I personally think this one will look great on fair skin tones.

Like all Lunasol eyeshadows, the Geminate Eyes are soft, silky and velvety to touch,  except that the middle pan is sort of dry and glittery. The colors don’t smudge when layered on. The fallouts are not too bad except for the middle pan again. This collection is one of my favorite from Lunasol.

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3 Responses to Lunasol IV – Geminate Eyes

  1. Crystal January 12, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    I just got my package of lunasol palettes. My favourite is the noble shade eys. The texture is great and the colr is really pretty. I got the red variation. Haha, happy!

  2. ning * star January 13, 2010 at 2:26 AM

    i heart Alexandrite!

  3. p January 18, 2010 at 8:54 AM

    I like pink, purple, brown I feel that it provides luxury good.


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