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Knowing how much I like Lunasol eyeshadows, how can I not try its foundation! Yes indeed I’ve been using Lunasol liquid foundation for a while. The first bottle I got was the Intellectual Water Liquid Foundation which was launched in 2005. The new version Modeling Liquid Foundation was then launched in 2008.

Left is the Modeling Liquid Foundation (MLF). Right is the Intellectual Water Liquid Foundation (IWLF).

Even though the new MLF looks a bit taller, they holds same amount of foundation of 25ml. I like both packaging designs, of course they look pretty much similar. The material of the bottle is glass which is always nice to touch. Sun blocking ability wise, the new MLF has SPF 17 PA+ and the old IWLF has SPF 15 PA+. More SPF is always better.

The foundation came in 6 shades. The Ocher is for neutral skin tones and Yellow Ocher is for yellow and olive skin tones.

Initially I wanted to use this in summer time and I saw another beauty blogger’s post about how YO matches her asian skin tone, so I got the YO03. Big mistake! The color doesn’t really match me. It looks kind of dirty on my face. Girls… if your skin is not really really yellowish toned, don’t get YO series. Look at the chart above, they made 4 shades for Ocher but only 2 for Yellow Ocher. That makes sense because most people should fit in Ocher category. Duh…

So after I learned my lesson, I got OC02 MLF for fall and winter time. This time it matched me perfectly. Not even that, the foundation also enhanced my skin tone by giving it a brightening glow effect.

They changed the cap design a little. Left: IWLF, Right: MLF

The most useful design improvement is that MLF has a pump now. It’s so much neater and more hygienic than the old design. I always made messes when I tried to pour the old foundation on my hand. Not to talk about cleaning up the mess.

From this photo you can see how messy it got by pouring the foundation. Also you can compare the colors of these 2 shades – YO03 vs OC02.

Thoughts of the products: Despite the color mismatch, I like Lunasol’s Liquid Foundations. The old version and new version are quite similar except that my IWLF tends to settle so I need to shake and mix well before I use it. Also the MFL has a slightly better pore coverage and better staying power.

The good thing about Lunasol Liquid Foundation is that

1. There’s no strong scent or smell and that’s very important for face product (for me).

2. The texture is very light and fluid. It’s great for summer time and oily skin. It makes my face breathable and doesn’t feel like wearing a mask.

3. Very good spreadability. A little bit goes a long way. Half pump is all I need for MLF.

4. The finishing is semi-matte with a healthy glow.

5. Long lasting even in hot weather. I wear these for at least 6 hours and it doesn’t crease or cake on me. I do need to blot my T-zone. Also I think the primer helps too.

If I must think of one thing that could be a concern then it’s gotta be the coverage. Since the foundation is so light and watery, it has light to medium coverage. But again it all depends on what you want for a foundation. It’s really a personal preference.

5 Responses to Lunasol Liquid Foundation

  1. Crystal February 8, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    I tried a sample of Y002, it matches me ok, it does have a yellow undertone, I should probably try the oc series. But it is somehow a little drying on me!

  2. coffretgorge February 8, 2010 at 10:53 PM

    another lunasol love! i use the water cream foundation and its great! its lightweight and has medium coverage which you can build up 🙂

  3. Blair February 9, 2010 at 1:33 AM

    I love glowy foundations but coverage is very important too!

    Sweetie, which foundation shade are you in MAC terms?

  4. ning * star February 9, 2010 at 6:13 AM

    is a nice foundation… hmm, is pretty expensive. I have to earn a lot of $$$$ to get this!

  5. amynaree February 9, 2010 at 11:35 AM

    thanks for the review, this sounds like a great foundation!


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