Lush EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE Supplementary Products to Complete the New Range

Rowena Bird is Co-Founder and Product Inventor at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and has a passion for colors. Rowena has been involved in making colors for the past 28 years, working on cosmetic ranges for mail-order company Cosmetics to Go and make-up and perfume emporium B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful, along with developing a collection of Colour Supplements and tinted lip balms at LUSH.

When asked what three products she would take to a desert island, she said without hesitation mascara, skin tints and face powder … so here they are! Rowena worked with Helen Ambrosen, fellow Co-Founder and Product Inventor at LUSH to develop this range. Helen makes the bases for Rowena to put the colors into and ensures that they deliver the pigments onto the skin beautifully and kindly.

Emotional Brilliance Translucent Powder: $18.95

A simple, translucent, ultra-fine light-reflecting face powder that’s suitable for all skin types. It can be used over foundation to set it in place and create a shine-free finish or on its own to even out skin tone for a natural look. It can also be smoothed onto the upper eyelid to prevent eyeliner smudging. It won’t dry the skin out, as it contains lots of softening jojoba oil that allows the pigments to be delivered onto the skin very smoothly, without dryness. Jojoba oil is also exceptionally nourishing for the skin and creates an excellent protective barrier between your face and the elements. It has a talc base that delivers the pigments onto the skin very smoothly, with no mineral oils or preservatives to irritate the skin.

Skin Tints: $18.95 each

The skin tints are designed to be mixed in with a LUSH Colour Supplement or moisturizer, but they can also be used as a skin primer, in-between moisturizer and the color supplement/foundation/powder. LUSH uses a softening and calming base of simmered oats, almond and jojoba oils, cocoa butter and orange flower water, to help remove unwanted shine. This base will carry the pigments beautifully onto the skin, but will also nourish and tone skin.

Feeling Younger

… contains ‘magic orange’ pigment which works as a reflector on the skin, making it look bright and youthful. It can be used in lots of ways – as a highlighter on the brow bone and eyelid to really open up the eye; on the cheekbone for a youthful glow; under the eye to minimize the appearance of dark circles; or on the décolletage for a sexy shimmer.


… a blend of golden colors to wear under make-up to achieve a healthy, warm glow. Great for tan skin and even paler skin tones to give a bronzed effect.

Eyes Right Mascara (Black): $18.95

A simple, beautiful and gentle mascara that can be worn by those with even the most sensitive of eyes. With only one preservative (most mascaras on the market contain between 4-6), it will not irritate the eyes. Wheatgrass is the key ingredient in Eyes Right, as it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals to really condition and nourish the lashes. Japan and Carnauba wax help it set, so it won’t flake or smudge. For those with sensitive eyes who are looking for a kind, natural look – although it can be reapplied to give a more dramatic effect.

The Emotional Brilliance launches July 21, 2012 in all LUSH stores worldwide and online at