Lush Launches EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE Color Collection

Spin the Emotional Brilliance Color Wheel to get a personalized color reading – choose the three colors that stand out the most and they will uncover certain words that reveal a little bit about your current state of mind. Then wear the color to feel the word, you word-up!

Introducing a brand new concept matching psychological needs to which color cosmetics one should wear.

This range – consisting of lip colors, eyeliners and eyeshadows – is less about wearing make-up that’s in-season or on-trend and more about wearing colors that shape your mood. Emotional Brilliance is a way to wear color that’s designed for you. Choose colors, each with a corresponding word such as Confident, Take Control or Glamorous, and they will be significant to your needs at that time – wear those colors and you truly wear the word. It’s the power of suggestion – if one believes enough in something, there will likely be a change in behavior.

LUSH Co-Founder and Inventor of Emotional Brilliance, Rowena Bird, comments, “I love lipstick, but why wasn’t one great color ever enough, why was I drawn to a particular one on different days or even sometimes feel the need to change color part way through a day? After chatting with like minded lipstick junkies, it struck us that it wasn’t about what clothes we were wearing but more about how we were feeling and so the idea was born.”

LUSH has worked with renowned Strategic Behavioral Therapist Lady Kennedy, who specializes in changing people’s behavior and attitudes, for the list of words to correspond with each color. They are words she uses in therapy sessions to alter perceptions and change behavior. She specializes in mind care and working on one’s emotional state, where she takes someone from one state of mind and delivers them in another. The Emotional Brilliance range brings this form of exclusive mind therapy to consumers.

Play The Game

This color game is intended to unveil the colors one should wear to fulfil a need – spin the wheel and choose the three colors that stand out at that moment. Not because they are your favorite colors or because they match what you’re wearing, but because you are drawn to them.

These three chosen colors will then be placed in the middle of the wheel in the order they have been picked. The first color choice symbolizes your STRENGTH OR WEAKNESS; the second choice represents your SUBCONSCIOUS NEED; while the third choice is your TALENT and it is what you require to achieve your subconscious need.

The Products

The three chosen colors can be a liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner or a cream eyeshadow. There are 30 products in the range and all are vegan. It’s possible to pick one of each or to pick all of the same products (for example: all eyeliners)… they don’t have to be worn all at once, but they can be used together. You will get hints and tips on how to wear the colors, as we want you to be the one applying the colors to create a look you’re happy with, and one that can be re-created at home. The colors can be worn to give a vibrant effect or blended softly. It really doesn’t matter; the power of the word will still be there—use the colors with the word in mind. You will find the thought lasts all day as you begin to truly wear the word. It’s Emotional Brilliance!

“The color that represents your strength you wear when you want to accentuate this. The color that resonates with your subconscious need – what your subconscious desires the most – you should wear to remind yourself that you need this. And the color that represents your talent, you should wear to help achieve your subconscious need. These are not things that anyone else can predict – it’s all down to you,” explains Rowena.

Fresh, Handmade Color

LUSH Co-Founder and Inventor Helen Ambrosen developed the bases for the range, noting: “The colors and words which make up ‘Emotional Brilliance’ have led us to formulate the bases the products go into very carefully. These bases have been developed using the beautiful ingredients expected from LUSH. This is unusual in color cosmetic bases, which normally just deliver pigments on to the skin. We have balanced the bases and pigment levels in such a way that bright or more natural effects can be achieved. So however you choose to use them, they will give the effects you are looking for. The beautiful bases deliver the pigment perfectly onto the skin. It is so important to create looks yourself, then the power of the words can be used always – with the colors – in the way you want them to be.”

Liquid Lips: $22.95

This patent pending formula uses LUSH’s super softening Ultrabalm as a base, which is a simple blend of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. All are intensely skin softening and soothing, they also carry pigment incredibly well. Lips will be brilliantly colored and left soft, smooth and deeply moisturised. Or, the effect can be softened by applying with a lip balm.

Liquid Eyeliner: $22.95

Independent and Fantasy are the two eyeliners in the range that have a no-smudge, stay-put formula. As soon as you apply, the formula sets and is incredibly long-lasting. It’s made with a base of eyebright infusion, an herb with an ancient tradition of use for eye area.

The other eyeliners are made with the same base as the cream eyeshadows, which doesn’t set straight away so there is time to blend. These beautiful colors are easy to use to create a softer, more refined look.

Cream Eyeshadow: $22.95

The eye creams can be bold and colorful or less dramatic as the base softens easily into the skin. The base is a soothing rose petal infusion and skin softening almond and jojoba oils, so will really care for this most sensitive area. There’s also glycerine to help carry the color beautifully over the eye. The cupuacu butter helps to set the color pigment nicely, so these eyeshadows and eyeliners offer beautiful color that stay in place and last.

The Packaging

As with any LUSH product, we’d prefer to have no packaging if possible. For Emotional Brilliance we do have to have some sort of packaging and so a massive amount of effort has gone into ensuring it has as little impact on the planet as possible. This is very unusual in color cosmetics where so often the packaging is excessive and not recyclable. Here everything is recyclable except the little brush inserts and those can be re-used if you wish.

The Emotional Brilliance colors all come in clear glass bottles so you can see the amazing colors and enjoy choosing them. Also you can see how much product you have left. Glass is one of the most easily recycled materials globally, but it can also be washed and re-used. We have designed our own cap with a disposable wand applicator inside. They are made near our headquarters in Poole, Dorset and are recycled from our black pots.

The bottles hold 8g of product – normally liquid eyeliner is 2g, so the bottles offer huge value for money. All the ingredients are listed on a simple label, held onto the bottle with a hair band – to tie hair back with while applying the colors. There’s no need for an outer box and extra ingredients insert, it’s all on the tag. The bottles are extremely versatile, perfect for popping in your handbag or will look lovely on a dressing table. Collect the whole range and then choose which beautiful color you need as you ‘word up’ for your day – brilliant!!

Emotional Brilliance ($22.95 each) launches July 21, 2012 in LUSH stores worldwide and online.