Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD High Definition Microfinish Cream Blush

Make Up For Ever is a brand that I’ve been neglected for the longest time just because a lot of the products have a strong scent that I can’t stand. But I never want to give up the brand. I know there must be something for me. And recently I found one. It’s the High Definition Microfinish Cream Blush.

The packaging is very small and cute even though it’s only plastic. It holds 10ml, 0.33 oz which will last forever. My husband got it for me at Sephora for $25 two months ago when he picked up the tokidoki necklace.
There’re 14 shades available and what I got is the number 14 Star Struck. Every one of them has a different name and a lot of them are interesting names, such as 03 Truth or Dare, 06 Quickie and 10 Skinny Dipping. But I couldn’t find the name anywhere on the package. What a waste.
On the back of the packaging, it says “Press slightly: a small amount is all that is needed.
And the ingredients are (the picture is clickable):
Now here comes to the fun part, the pump design. I’ve seen some bloggers commenting on how tight the pump is and how they always end up with too much product by one squeeze. But to me, I don’t find it to be a problem. It’s just that you need to be gentle and don’t push it all the way. And the amount of the product it comes out actually makes sense. I’ll explain that later.
This is what I get from one pump. It’s totally controllable and not that much at all.
Since the blush is in cream form it will settle after a while. Compare to the very top photo (taken two months ago), there’s already a gap showing on the top left.
And the cream dries up like this. So for best result, you’re going to have to use it frequently. Or else you either deal with the thick cream or you get rid of the first pump. And that’s a lot of waste considering how little the bottle is.
The texture is creamy and the coverage is sheer but buildable.
What I like:
  1. It’s very natural looking. The soft focus effect gives my face a subtle flush of color.
  2. The pigments are ultra-fine and it does not crease or sink into the pores.
  3. A little bit goes a long way. One pump is all you need.
  4. No weird smell. That’s a huge plus for a MUFE product.
  5. The staying power is superb. There’s no fading or sliding.
What I don’t like:
  1. It dries up very quickly so you need to be fast applying it.
  2. The consistency is on the thick side. Using too much can look cakey and fake.
The best way to apply it:
By a brush! That’s why I said the amount of one pump actually makes sense. Don’t try to blend the blush on the cheek using your finger. It’ll dry up before you can actually blend it. So this is what I do, I dab the blush with a kabuki brush to pick up the color, then I work it in a circular motion on the apples of my cheek. The result is always natural and glowy. And of course by doing this, you’re going to use more product than applying with fingers.
Overall, I think it’s a pretty good cream blush. It’s well worth the price.

3 Responses to Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD High Definition Microfinish Cream Blush

  1. Lulu July 16, 2010 at 1:51 AM

    i've been meaning to get this to try! I picked up some of their Aqua Creams recently instead because I hear they are easier to blend and have longer staying power, and I was looking for a cream blush that would last all day for my wedding. Haven't tested out the cheek colors yet but the eye colors are amazing, they don't budge! The HD blush comes in a lot of pretty shades though, and I like that it comes in a pump instead of a cheap looking plastic jar like the Aqua Creams. I think I'll pick some up during the FF sale later this year just because it's been on my wishlist since I've first heard about them :p

  2. Blair July 16, 2010 at 3:31 AM

    Your post came out just in time – recently I'm into cream blushes!

    Microfinish Cream Blush is quite expensive but I do love products from MUFE.. will definitely try this blush out when I spot a good sale haha!

  3. Crystal/Cherry July 16, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    This color looks gorgeous. I am kind of debating between this one and the new aqua creams……


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