Monthly Reads – Biteki September 2012

It’s September! How time flies! Another month, another new set of magazines. This month’s Biteki has so much in store that I want to show you.

Starting off, there is an inflatable red posture cushion that comes as a gift in the magazine. I love how Japanese magazines always include small testers and gifts. There’s even one time I bought a magazine just for the gift. Anyway this cushion can help you correct pelvis position when you sit on. At first I thought it was for the lumbar support so I guess you could use that for the back. It is quite sturdy and comfy too!

I’ve been always liked Namie Amuro’s fashion sense and style. Namie Amuro is a famous Japanese singer who just hit 20th year mark of her career. She looks so young and amazing in this Esprique lipstick ads. I have yet to try the lipstick but it looks really cool like a diamond jewel.

Biteki is known to have getting the look with various makeup brands put together. For the upcoming fall season, the magazine features 3 sets of looks ranging from orange, khaki to navy. Orange is a much vibrant combination for end of summer makeup style.

The khaki look is a bit more dusky compared to the previous one. Though I really like how the blush adds so much color to the face.

… And finally a simple yet more natural appearing look with the navy blue eyes.

Biteki isn’t only about makeup there are also things they talk about including eating healthy and staying fit. They are so inspirational.

I wish that I could taste some of the food in the magazine. Here is the tasty looking stuffed tomatoes. Maybe I can try to make it sometime.

Last but not least, the magazine also features hair styles and design. They have it in a step by step tutorial so that recreating the style isn’t so hard.

Next time I will be showing you some highlights from Voce magazine. There is a mini book of fall makeup that has almost every beauty brands in it.

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