Monthly Reads – Maquia August 2012

Every month I have a gazillion amount of subscriptions to magazines. During the weekends, I would at least spend a couple hours reading my magazines and manga by the pool. For the record, I am currently reading Bakuman. But anyways, I thought to share some bits and pieces of Maquia’s August 2012 issue today. Have a look!

One of the many reasons I subscribe to Japanese magazines aside from getting the latest beauty trends is because of the adorable gifts. WELL MAYBE! Though, really… they have so many other stuff inside that perks my interest all the time.

Here are the little gifts from Maquia this time. Looks like your regular Altoids but in a cuter design. I took it over this page of the magazine becasue of the cat. She seems rather angry or is it curiosity? Either way adorable!

Anyways, let’s take a deeper dive into seeing what this issue is all about. There are pages of skin toning, exercising, and food. FOOD that is healthy!!! For beauty proposes that is. And boy, Japanese women sure have busy schedule, some of their agenda seems pretty crazy too.

In this issue there is also first half year beauty awards, including top models, best skincare, best makeup, etc. Here’s the top 3 for Best AD award. #1 is the infamous Mr. Cat with a top hat, Paul & Joe Spring 2012 (Swatches can be here, here, and here). Then there is RMK at #2. Last but not least at #3 is Chanel.

Besides makeup, there is also a section for fragrance. Not only do we want to look good, we also want to smell good. I’m not surprised L’Eau de Chloe wins the #1 spot with its green bow tie. It was indeed a nice fragrance.

Not only do women want to look their best, even men too. This seems like a massage ball which I am thinking of getting. Don’t you think they look scarily similar to the laundry balls for the dryer?

I wish I had all the time to work on my nails. My poor IBD Jet Elite gel system is collecting dust now. Every issue practically shows nail art. It is so pretty, creative, and sometimes very simple too!

Even great toe nail design with nice looking sandals. Ahh the beach!!

In the middle of the mag, there is a booklet of hair designs. Have fun looking at the photos….

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