NARS Cosmetics Relaunches New E-Commerce Website

NEW YORK, NY JULY 21, 2011NARS Cosmetics, a division of Shiseido Americas Corporation, announced today the relaunch of the brand’s e-commerce website, The brand collaborated with CREATETHE Group—a digital agency that focuses on strategy, commerce, and creative content for luxury and fashion brands—to develop a one-of- a-kind website that engages users, brings to life the essence of the brand, and is technically and creatively innovative. The result is a high-impact luxury shopping and comprehensive brand experience for makeup experts, tastemakers, and the culturally curious.

The new website embodies an elevated tone and feel, inspired by the brand’s strong ties to and foundation in fashion. Featuring modern design elements, stunning product photography, and rich graphic swatches (at three different-size scales), it provides the most accurate shade and texture depictions currently available for online shopping. Exclusive application tips, product suggestions, how-to guides, and expert insight from François Nars and leading NARS artists are seamlessly woven throughout the user experience. A faster, more streamlined check-out process, optional credit card storage, robust search functionality, and iPhone/iPad compatibility provide a higher level of customer service.

Complementing the luxe retail experience, reveals an elevated editorial approach in the “World of NARS.” The section dedicated to showcasing lush and engaging brand content will delight brand enthusiasts and novice customers alike, with exclusive vision and insights from François Nars and NARS artists, stylized brand videos, behind-the-scenes videos from Fashion Week, current and vintage NARS campaigns, and a look at François’ Tahitian island Motu Tané and dog Marcel. Additionally, a special section spotlights François Nars’ inspiration behind the brand’s iconic product names.

The NARS Wardrobing concept comes to life online, allowing visitors to create personalized makeup Wardrobes for any occasion. Users can compare products and shop directly from their Wardrobes, which feature social functionality so they can share these Wardrobes with friends.


Founded by makeup artist François Nars in 1994 and acquired by Shiseido in 2000, NARS is Modern, audacious, iconic— providing high-fashion, high-style shades and textures for the modern, independent woman. NARS brand cosmetics are distributed globally through specialty beauty and department stores.


Visit, and experience a new way to shop for beauty.

Distinct new look. Iconic NARS experience.

2 Responses to NARS Cosmetics Relaunches New E-Commerce Website

  1. Kalmo July 21, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    I’ve always found NARS to be pretty modern and streamlined, now their website matches it. ^^

  2. Nic nic July 21, 2011 at 6:57 PM

    I didn’t know they were part of the shiseido group.. that’s news to me… I work next to the shiseido HQ 😛 anyway thats pretty cool cos shiseido has gotta be fave japanese brand ever XD


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