Nars Fall 2012 Makeup Collection High Society, Outlaw, Undress Me Swatches and Review

For fall 2012, we have seen so many different color combinations. From dusty to jungle and even summer all over again. What we haven’t seen is the edgy regal purple with a splash of fresh twist. Sure it may seem dark and bold but who doesn’t like purples especially in the cooler fall season? I can think of so many things that can incorporate with the color. But it won’t be as precious without some celestial glimmers.

NARS has answered my prayers! Trio Eyeshadow High Society

Perhaps, a well orchestrated arrangement of three colors is seen in this eyeshadow trio. It sports colors that are much regal with nobility. I wonder with this palette, would I be able to join the ranks of high society? If only it was that easy! Upon an initial scan, you might note that the colors are a lot darker in tone than the summer collection. As for the colors, there is a lavender, matte forest green, and iridescent amethyst. Amethyst is probably my favorite color due to its dark and rich bold purple like tone. According to press descriptions, the trio can be worn in numerous ways. Alone or one as a base with another one as a highlighter with the third as a liner. You be the judge on how you want to wear the colors. First picture is by itself with just natural lighting whereas the second picture is with flash. A final snapshot is shown here with the palette and its colors in the sun. I suppose amethyst isn’t as dark as I initially had thought. This trio comes together with micro-fine powders that provide intense pigmentation and long lasting wear without the pain of crease. Colors glide effortlessly like an experienced figure skater gliding across a field of ice. These are some of the features of the palette. Blush Outlaw

So we go from High Society to becoming an Outlaw. Great! That was quicker than a blink of a second. It seems like a hoaxer or even a wise crack that tried to fit in attempted to bamboozle the royal gets caught in the act. Smart real smart. Now this reminded me of the movie Catch Me If You Can for some odd reasons. Back to the blush, NARS offers a healthy looking color for the cheeks where the overall complexion can be rosy and warmed up. The blush is silky smooth with microscopic sized fine powder. Hey maybe a microscope in this case would be handy? The blush comes in a soft rose tone with golden shimmers where as highlighting as it gets, the details make a whole lot of impression. Hence, golden shimmers… The Multiple Undress Me

Undress Me comes in an original Nars multiple tube packaging with a retractable mechanism similar to a lipstick. Compare to the trio eyeshadow’s 0.15oz and blush’s 0.16oz, the multiple is huge with a net weight of 0.5oz. Surprisingly it’s more compact and portable than it sounds like. So that means it’s also travel friendly and great for touch up on the go. Undress Me is a pale nude pink with sparkly silver shimmers that can be used in multiple areas. Whether it’s the eyes or the cheeks or even the lip, it gives off a nice glow! Formula is creamy and design brings superior control. So I decided to play around with my drawing skills. As you can see I am a bit rusty since my high school days. So I apologize in advance, if it doesn’t look all that professional to you. I tried :/ The overall look really stands out to me as gorgeous and pretty. Purples for the shadows, with a nice looking rose tone all highlighted with Undress Me makes things sparkle and shine. Quality on all three? Superb! Product used for the look:

NARS Fall 2012 has got me jumping up and down because of the overall color coordination. Love the purples in the eyeshadow! I found that highlighter to be especially easy to use. I almost thought I was back in grade school when Elmer Glue Sticks were fab. Except, the highlighter is much more sophisticated. Last but not least, the blush was easy to apply on, silky and long lasting in application.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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  1. Goddesslily October 2, 2012 at 12:29 AM

    YOur Blog is so nice and you have all the cool stuff, I was searching for swatches of this blush and came across your blog. It’s so delightful, can you add your Blog to “Bloglovin” so I can follow you through them… thanks!

    • Fruity Lashes October 3, 2012 at 2:23 AM

      Hi Goddesslily, thanks so much! We actually do have Bloglovin. Please feel free to love us if you like. The link is here.


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