NARS NARSissist Cheek Kit Swatches Review

Say NARSissist NARSissist NARSissist, another 5 more times? I bet you it’s driving crazy. Yes that’s the word crazy. It’s crazily hard to pronounce, yet crazily addicting, both the word and the brand. No other brand expresses beauty with an edge better than NARS. Thus the brand has numerous die hard fans. This spring NARS has come up with 2 gifting specially had its fans in mind, one being a smash hit Eye Palette (check out more info) and two being a must-have Cheek Kit. Today we’ll be take a look at the Cheek Kit.

Nars NARSissist‎ Cheek Kit Palette and Brush

The palette itself is surprisingly compact compared to NARS regular blush palettes which is the same size as the duo eyeshadows, considering it contains 3 cheek products. The good thing is it’s portable, meaning makeup pouch friendly and BFF jealousy. Black and White are the most eye catching colors after all.

Though being a mini blush brush, this weapon is no joke. It’s got the right size, both lengthwise and crosswise, the right type of bristles, the right feel, and the right results. Also the bold red dot at the bottom just adds a hint of softness to the ever so professional look.

Nars NARSissist‎ Cheek KitDevotee Orgasm Laguna

With one color being new the other two are the top favorites of NARS. Can you guess what they are? Here is a hint.

The first shade which is also limited edition is Devotee. It is a highlighting shade that is as transparent as it gets bet obviously it sparkles for a reason right? The middle one is Orgasm and the last being Laguna.

Nars NARSissist‎ Cheek Kit sun

Each color gives off a different profile to the cheeks. Let’s go by order of the palette. Left to right that is. So the limited edition color shows a natural highlighted look to the cheeks. Orgasm is orgasm. A very rosy look that might be interpreted as blushing from looking at something incredibly handsome of beautiful. The last one is more or so a sun kissed look that shows off a healthy active and outgoing girl who doesn’t hide from the sun. There you have it, the 3 looks!

NARSissist‎ Cheek Kit Swatch

With a lux looking brush that has red cap finish at the end, the cheek palette looks and feels extremely valuable. Though, I like to spin the brush a little which has felt comfortable to the grips. The cheek palette however you want to see it as, is shimmery and reactive to light. It brings an overall shiny flavor to the cheeks over the colors applied.

NARS Cheek Kit with an ISSIST tag at the end is available at Sephora.

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