New Sweet Indulgence – MarieBelle Dark Chocolate Bar

One of the best tasting chocolates in the world comes from MarieBelle aside from my love for Valrhona, Vosges and a few others. Having tasted most of the chocolates in the world, this specific MarieBelle Dark Chocolate Bar comes off with an initial drier bitter taste but slowly the chocolate has a refining smooth after effect that will make you want more. The sweetness on this bar is close to only a low level of 8% – 10%.

The bars that I tasted were actually from their Valentine’s edition. Currently, they have changed the design of their bars to pin ups Bettie Pages style. One of the key things about the company is that the foil wrapped around the chocolate indicates whether it is dark or milk. Silver foil stands for Dark Chocolate and Gold foil stands for Milk Chocolate. To find out more about MarieBelle, check out their site.

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