Nicole By OPI Something About Color Target Exclusives Swatch and Review

With four new colors each suited for the coming fall, Nicole by OPI has done it again but this time exclusively with a local well-known retailer.

Nicole by OPI has released a special exclusive set only to Target. You might have already seen it at your local stores, they are neat! Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at each one.

Here they are again!

Nicole by OPI NI 370 Green Up Your Act

Starting off with the first color, Green Up Your Act or as the saying goes “Clean Up Your Act!”

This polish really requires two coats because with one coat it seems too bare. With two coats the polish is perfected! Notice the difference between the left coat being very transparent and the right coat being full coverage.

As you might notice, the polish itself is creamy with a touch of glossiness and it gives an old sea green look to it.

With some sunlight the polish is seen to be very even and smooth.

Nicole by OPI NI 371 Sounds Grape To Me

Next up we have Sounds Grape To Me or rather, “Sounds Great To Me.”

This polish also requires two coats to get a full even look with shimmers and sparkles. The left coat obviously didn’t have the full sparkly burgundy look because of the lack of an additional coat.

Now with double coating for polish the color quickly becomes florescent in nature that sparkles like a cosmic look.

Shedding some sunlight the nail polish immediately turns out to be a bit redder in color with sparkles and shimmers. It’s almost as if its a darker color in nature but very deep in texture.

Nicole by OPI NI 373 It’s Not Me, It’s Blue

It’s Not Me, It’s Blue is also known as, “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” (Don’t you just love the way OPI names their polishes….)

This polish is a bit more transparent and metallic looking. Even with two coats it’s still pretty transparent.

With the natural color of the nails and skin in the background the color being a bit more transparent gives a blended look between the nail polish and the skin tone. The finishing is still blue with sparkles but I can imagine that with darker or even lighter skin tones the color would slightly change. Maybe even the naked eye can’t really tell.

Now with the sun repelling its rays on the nails the color is deeply enhanced by giving a darker blue with sparkles look because of how much light is reflected off the shimmers and sparkles. It almost gives a blue an icy touch.

Nicole by OPI NI 374 I Love You Cherry Much

Last but not least I Love You Cherry Much or “I Love You Very Much.”

This color is probably the darkest or rather a fuller coverage as oppose to the others because of how deep the red is. Even without sparkles the red is very apparent to the naked eye. The only difference is a lighter red on one coat as oppose to a brighter red on two coats.

The swatch is without the sun and can be seen to be a bit uneven edged because of the sparkles and shimmers housed in this polish. It’s almost like a million  small bumps on the nails.

It is a lot more even now with the sun hitting the nails and the sparkles shine as well making the surface a lot more smoother in appearance.

Nicole by OPI has given an off the wall naming scheme for each of the colors making this fall set very memorable on phrases we say all the time. Except I Love Your Cherry Much, the other 3 polishes require double coats to achieve full coverage. Aside from Green Your Act Up that doesn’t have any sparkles or shimmers everything else seems to be pretty aligned up with sparkles and shines. This set is a very fashionable flaunt your nail set because of the different colors with shimmers and sparkles.

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2 Responses to Nicole By OPI Something About Color Target Exclusives Swatch and Review

  1. Nani July 27, 2011 at 10:10 AM

    Green Up Your Act is freaking GORGEOUS! *_* I love it!

  2. Kalmo July 27, 2011 at 12:03 PM

    I love green up your act but the not bottle shape lol.


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