Nordstrom Lip Gloss Fuchsia Tawny Swatch Review

Living life on a budget can be really challenging, it’s especially true with beauty products. All the high end brands are tempting yet they easily break your beauty bank. Is there anything that’s both affordable and decent quality? Let me introduce you Nordstrom.

Nordstrom is one of my favorite department stores. They carry nearly everything and anything you could possibly desire, ranging from clothing, shoes, to handbags, accessories and even kids. Though the beauty department still holds the best spot in my heart. Recently I encountered some beauty products from the Nordstrom brand. Let me  tell you they’re amazing. Today we’ll be focusing on the lip gloss.

Nordstrom Lip Gloss

These lip glosses are priced only at $9.95 each, and 2 for $15. Packaging wise, it’s simple yet practical. The transparent tube shows you the color inside while at the bottom it also has the color name printed clearly. Note these lip glosses are made in Italy and assembled in China. There are a total of 19 shades to choose from. The ones showing today are Tawny and Fuchsia. These 19 shades of lip glosses basically are in two categories, shimmering and non-shimmering. Fuchsia happens to be shimmering and Tawny happens to be non-shimmering.

Nordstrom Lip Gloss Tawny Fuchsia

Fuchsia (top) is a berry pink with subtle shimmer. The name may sound pretty crazy but the color is actually highly wearable. It adds the right amount of shine and color to any lips without being too bold. Tawny (bottom) is apparently on the more muted side. It’s pure cream without any shimmer though it does provide a glossy sheen to the lips.

Nordstrom Lip Gloss Fuchsia Tawny

Here’s a snapshot of the applicator. It’s rather short and small compared to many lip gloss’ applicators, but it works quite precisely when applying the gloss. I can even do it with my eyes closed. The slanted tip angled nicely against the natural lip shape. So maybe I need to dip the product two or three times, I’m not complaining.

Nordstrom Lip Gloss Applicator

Wearing these lip glosses is incredibly comfortable. The consistency is not too thick, just enough to coat the lips smoothly and evenly. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky at all which is a must for a good lip gloss. Also for the girls that are sensitive to mint and tingling sensation, rest assured that these lip glosses won’t make your lips swollen. Like I said they go on nice and comfortable, and they stay that way for hours. They do not dry out your lips, instead they keep them juicy and moist. The colors are universal and flattering. They are semi-sheer on the lips but surprisingly pack a lot of color.

Nordstrom Lip Gloss Fuchsia Tawny Swatch

I’m more than satisfied with Nordstrom lip glosses. The product is comparable to the glosses that’re double or even triple its price. Without a fancy packaging, they have great formula and wide color selection. Priced at $9.95 each or 2 for $15, they’re well worth the money. Beauty on a budget doesn’t have to sacrifice quality. I think myself is going to pick up more shades this weekend.

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