NYFW Hair – Edward Tricomi Shows You How To Get the Looks from the Joanna Mastroianni Show

Edward Tricomi, founder and co-owner of Warren-Tricomi salons, has been the mastermind behind numerous NYFW hair styles over the years. Last night, Edward served as head stylist at the Joanna Mastroianni show where he was used the early 60s as his inspiration. The looks below may appear intricate and difficult to create, but Edward shared a few steps on getting versions of the styles at home that are surprisingly simple. The only tools Edward and his team used were bobby pins and hairspray!

  1. For this up-do, Edward brushed through the hair pulling it back into a high ponytail and securing with a bungee elastic.
  2. He then gently twisted the ponytail until it began to coil. Loosely pinning the hair into place as he went.
  3. Edward began then style as a bun wrapping the hair around the base of the ponytail and then moved off center to create a more interesting, abstract look.
  4. The hair was pinned into place and finished off with a layer of hairspray.

Expert Tip: Don’t have the length to create this style? Fake it! Models with shorter hair or less thickness wore hair pieces to add fullness.

  1. Begin this topknot the same way as the style above. Pulling hair up into a high ponytail and securing with a bungee elastic.
  2. Again, gently twist the ponytail until it begins to coil. Wrap hair around the base of the ponytail again and again securing with pins.
  3. Twist the hair left at the end of the pony and wrap it around the entire bun, tucking it under in the back. Finish with hairspray.

  1. To create fullness and height, tease hair in sections with a Mason Pearson brush. Tease section by section to get the big hair effect. Spray each section with hairspray as you go.
  2. Push hair back and gently brush front pieces over the teased section. Add another layer of hairspray.
  3. Gather hair in the back and twist up and under the teased section to create the up-do. Secure with pins.