Obsessed with Vitamix

I have always wanted a blender that would be powerful enough to chop up all sorts of fruits and vegetables but at the same time also versatile enough to do other stuff. Other stuff included making hot chocolate, salad dressings and even all sorts of soups. Christmas came early this year for me, because I got a Vitamix Pro Series 750. It is actually the top of the line right now in its family. It is regularly used several times a week now. Let’s see some of the things it can do.

Fruits in Vitamix

The jar itself is 64 oz and can fill up a good amount of fruits. Blending includes 5 different pre-set menu (1 of which is for cleaning) and the rest are speed from slow to quick. There is also a pulse function as well as on and off switch. This jar is basically for wet ingredients, there’s also one specialized for dry ingredients such as grinding wheats and grains. Supposedly it can even simulate kneading process. Hmmm I’m so tempted…

Pineapple Grapes Vitamx

Normally I just pick whatever fruits and veggies I have on hand, throw them into the blender. Seconds later I’ll have the freshest and┬áhealthiest┬ádrink. Though I should’ve got some recipe books, such as Kimberly Snyder’s the Beauty Detox Solution.

Juice Made By Vitamix


Between the Vitamix blender and juicer, I prefer the Vitamix. Besides being more versatile than the juicer, there’s literally no waste when making drinks. I really wish we got it earlier.

2 Responses to Obsessed with Vitamix

  1. Lisa December 22, 2012 at 9:30 AM

    I love my Vitamix too! If you have a lot of bitter greens, you can always add some healthy raw coconut crystals for a little natural sweetness. I’m trying to concentrate on making some soups this week, Really enjoy your reviews! Happy Holidays.

    • Fruity Lashes December 29, 2012 at 1:56 AM

      Oh wow. I am going to take your advice and check that out. Thanks!

      Happy Holidays!!!!!


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