OPI Touring America Collection Swatch and Review Part 1

This fall OPI will be releasing Touring America the Collection of 12 polishes which I will split up into 2 parts. Today, I will be featuring part 1 which is the first 6 polishes in the collection.

NL T23 Are We There Yet? “Don’t Make me reach back there and take that perfect melon shade!

The name of this shade is usually a saying where a passenger says after a prolong period of time in the car. A lot of kids say that when they are inpatient and bored in the car. But nonetheless this polish is a peachy pink shade with shimmers inside the bottle.

The color of the polish without sunlight makes it look very creamy and full coverage from side to side. It’s also a color that is rich but also good for everyday wear.

Under the sunlight we can immediately see the shimmers and how they reflect back.

NL T24 A-Taupe The Space Needle “You’ll climb to new heights with this creamy-rich taupe.

The Space Needle is found in Seattle, Washington which is 605 feet tall above ground. It is a tourist attraction place. The brownish taupe color looks like a very old antique color which resembles the Space Needle since it’s an older attraction built in 1961.

The polish without sunlight really looks like an antique old brown wood color. But on the flip side it also kind of reminds me of coffee beans. Notice the shine and how creamy it is.

Under sunlight it looks now a bit more taupe with a fine shine.

NL T25 Color To Diner For “I’ll take the rosy-red with a side of ‘awesome.‘”

So the color red is very iconic because a lot of diners use the colors red and white. In this case the red was added with a bit of magic from OPI to exert out a much more awesome revamped next century look.

The red without sunlight already shows a lot of gloss and shininess especially the shimmers.

With a bit of sunlight the red is now on full blast with sparkles and shines all throughout the nail giving this classic a hit and modern twist.

NL T26 French Quarter For Your Thoughts “Want beads? Then show us your sexy gray nails!

The French Quarter in New Orleans was founded in 1718 it also has the famous “Mardi Gras Parade” there. The beads are usually worn around the neck of the party guys and gals. The gray is a color of sexiness. The gray color is like a true gray.

Without sunlight the gray polish is yet a very creamy formula with a bit of shine to it.

Under sunlight the gray can be seen to have a lighter side and looks like a more classier gray.

NL T27 Get In The Expresso Lane “An Amped-up dark brown that’ll never letcha down!

When has expresso not leave us awake after a few shots… ok maybe a shot. Wait! expresso is not coffee beans it’s not spelt correctly… Well expresso is a different way of spelling espresso. This dark brown color signifies espresso beans especially when we need that extra shot to stay awake.

The rich color of this polish is just like how rich coffee beans are. The coffee beans with a bit of oil that is… Anyways, the polish gives us a very oily yet creamy textured look that is strong like espresso.

Under the sunlight we now see it to be a bit more darker but still with a rich creamy filled look. 

NL T28 Honk If You Love OPI “Don’t let this gorgeous dark grape pass you by.”

Honk is like emitting out a loud sound. So there is a saying such as, “Honk if you love < insert word>.” But back to the color, it’s a dark purple color that is almost like a very rich raisin.

The creaminess (again) and the glossiness of this color as well are making it feel and look rich but with more passion especially the dark purple color.

Finally, under sunlight the color is very evenly looked, glossy and with low shine makes this color a humble yet rich in perception.

Stay tuned for part 2…

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4 Responses to OPI Touring America Collection Swatch and Review Part 1

  1. Carina July 22, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    Very interesting and so nice pictures! And speacial thank you for the explanations of the names, the background is not always obvious))
    My favourite is grey, but will also wait for the second review))

    • admin July 22, 2011 at 12:07 PM

      Stay tuned for the second post for the other 6! The background is pretty interesting on all the colors.

  2. Kalmo July 22, 2011 at 1:22 PM

    OMG I feel like my wallet is going to take a hit with this collection. I want to get French Quarter For Your Thoughts and Get In The Expresso Lane. Thanks for the swatches.

    • admin July 22, 2011 at 1:33 PM

      hehe the whole collection is lovely and so many colors to choose from. i’m in the OPI heaven.


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