OPI Touring America Collection Swatch and Review Part 2

Here is the part 2 which is also the final post for Touring America Collection from OPI. The last 6 polishes will be listed and found here!

NL T29 I Break For Manicures “This gorgeous eggplant-plum has our full attention.

Braking is simply used to slow down a car when there are pedestrians crossing the road or just for safety purpose. The color itself is a really deep purple that looks like eggplant color (the outside!).

The polish after applying to the nails looks very rich and creamy.

In the sunlight there isn’t much change compared to the previous picture.

NL T30 I Eat Mainely Lobster “We clawed through crowds to catch this coral for you.

When we hear the word lobster we almost always think of Maine. Maine is notorious for coming up with the words, “Maine Lobster.” This color is almost like the color of the shell on a lobster once it’s cooked. The color is like bright coral!

The color is very glossy and has an iridescent look to it. I guess a lot of sea creatures have iridescent colors as well.

The iridescent shimmers and sparkles are even more noticeable now because of the sunlight. Did someone say we are having lobster tonight?

NL T31 My Address Is “Hollywood” “We put this pretty rose-pink on the map.

The most famous place of stars, actors, actresses, and more are usually associated with Hollywood. Hollywood is a famous place for stage related stuff. The pink color with shimmers is almost like shiny bubblegum color.

The hot pink’s texture is so glossy on this one that it shines with little light.

With a bit more light (from the sun) the nails now shine with sparkles and it is so much more noticeable too!

NL T32 Road House Blues “In this case…R&B stands for ‘Really Blue.'”

Roadhouses in America are usually pubs or restaurants next to the country road. The color on this polish stands out to be really dark blue. I guess in roadhouses around all play the “Blues.”

The polish comes out to be glossy with a shine. The formula on this one is again super rich and creamy.

With direct sunlight, the nails look even more glossier than before.

NL T33 Suzi Takes The Wheel “Buckle up-she’s not stopping until she gets to gray!

Suzi, our Driver from OPI, is going to drive us to our destination even if it means she’s going to get old (gray hair)! This color is a gray toned color like the other ones in the set but brighter.

The nail polish is creamy but it is a easy to apply on coat that stands out as a more regular polish. The word I am looking for is obviously creamy again!

Consistency is the same on this coat even in the sunlight.

NL T34 Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window “You’re gonna pull over for this ‘unexpected’ olive green.

We roll down our windows when things happen whether unexpected or expected. Starting with expected, it can be while we are ordering a Combo #1 from In-n-Out Burger. Unexpected can be from a cop pulling you over to question why you’re speeding. Back on the color, this color indeed is an olive green color. Imagine having slices of olives (in this color) with drizzles of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with a bit of spices as dressing… YUM!

The color itself is yet very aligned with the rest as being creamy in texture and has a low shine.

When exposed to sunlight, the color becomes a darker olive green as if the olives have matured! They are ready to be eaten!

12 nail polishes, OPI has done it again! The polishes each have its own unique color and take on things in America. Suzi really drove us around from coast to coast exploring on some of the best things in America. The polishes have really nice pigmentation and full coverage after 2 coats. On top of the goodies is that the consistency in the formulas are superb which produces a creamy texture. Make sure to check out this set when it hits the shelves!

OPI Touring America Collection Swatch and Review Part 1

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4 Responses to OPI Touring America Collection Swatch and Review Part 2

  1. jamilla July 23, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    I love Maine Lobster!

    • admin July 23, 2011 at 1:24 PM

      Maine Lobster is always great! Especially with some lemon and butter….

  2. Kalmo July 23, 2011 at 12:40 PM

    There was not a single color I didn’t like! The polishes have a cool dusky feeling to them, perfect for winter. Love everything but can’t buy everything LOL

    • admin July 23, 2011 at 1:25 PM

      the colors are all suited for FALL!!! Must get all 😉


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