Paul & Joe BEAUTE L’ Horizon Bleu (Blue Horizon) Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe invite you to discover L’ Horizon Bleu – a tropical and romantic place where the sea meets the sky and blur into one. You can drift off into the horizon on a tranquil sea of blue or be brave to plunge into the depth of color and tropical delights you never dream existed beneath the surface of Paul & Joe BEAUTE. This summer dive into the bleu, L’ Horizon Bleu from Paul & Joe BEAUTE.

Eye Gloss Duos ($30)

Paul & Joe invites you to discover a world of beauty within reach – an enticing new collection of Eye Gloss Duo inspired by the romance of the horizon. With the addition of three gorgeous limited edition shades, enhance summer beauty with a simple wave of these colorful wands. Bold and edgy or light and whimsical, these stunning new compilations allow you to dive into a dazzling summer routine.

Available May 2011, the collection of eye-opening lid lacquers are infused with two textures: whipped jelly and a watery, pearl-enhanced base, to give eyes translucency while showcasing them glamorously. In addition to utilizing dual textures, a champagne shimmer from their signature Secret D’Or will leave eyes sparkling like jewels with a long-lasting satin finish. Eye Gloss Duos have the consistency of a gel, yet wear like a powder without smearing or caking, with a base that contains an ample amount of liquid for continuous moisture throughout the day.

Beauty Ingredients and Benefits

  • Orange Flower Water – Moisturizer
  • White Lily Extract –Moisturizer, prevents skin irritation
  • Jojoba Oil – Emollient
  • Sunflower Oil – Emollient

Three New Limited Edition Colors

001 Smooth Sailing – a tender twosome of pale blue and shimmer for a delicate, shimmering eye


002 Fathom – a rich, warm couple of colors perfect for complementing a tan


003 Depth – a girly duo to highlight and brighten eyes


Paul & Joe Beaute New Eye Color B ($22)

Paul & Joe knows sexy eyes are always in style and this summer is no exception. New Eye Color B shadows are sinfully-sweet swirls of color suitable for any occasion. Available in three distinctly to-die-for shades, Eye Color B transforms the eye from dull to desirable with soft yet poignant greens, lilacs, and yellows. Blend the palette with a brush and apply to eyelids for a fresh color combination that instantly dresses up any face.

Beauty Ingredients and Benefits

  • Orange Flower Water – Moisturizer
  • White Lily Extract – Moisturizer, prevents skin irritation
  • Jojoba Oil – Emollient
  • Rosemary Extract – Emollient


001 Le Midi – moody sea moss green paired with delicate beige and pearlescent hues

002 Adrift – pretty pink and purple tones combine gracefully with gorgeous gray

003 Tranquility – browns, golds, and yellows blend for a calm, cool, and casual effect

Paul & Joe’s NEW Bronzer B ($40)

Paul & Joe’s new Bronzer is an adorable bronzer and blush in one breathtakingly beautiful compact. The silicon oil in Bronzer B allows the powder to glide on smoothly and evenly leaving a luxurious veil of sun-kissed color while the water-repellant properties ensure perfect coverage of skin imperfections and blemishes. This perfectly paired duo is just the burst of color your skin needs to look suntanned and stunning without standing in the sun all day.

Beauty Ingredients and Benefits

  • White Lily Extract  – Moisturizes, prevents skin irritation
  • Orange Flower Water  – Moisturizes
  • Jojoba Oil – Emollient
  • Acetyl Hyaluronate  – Moisturizes
  • Silk Extract  – Moisturizes
  • Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract – Regulates sebum secretion

NEW Body Lotion B ($40)

Summer heat stifling your style? Paul & Joe has you covered with their new limited edition Body Lotion B – a delicate marine-blue gel that deeply hydrates and cools on contact for a fresh burst of moisture. The water-based formula combines a cooling sensory explosion with moisture-rich organic cucumber, chamomile, and cornflower extract for softer, more radiant skin. Smooth on after too much sun exposure to soothe burned and irritated skin. For the perfect finish, Body Lotion B leaves the irresistible aroma of Lily of the Valley and Rose Water that keeps you fragrantly fresh all summer long.

New Blotting Papers ($5)

Paul & Joe helps you fight off summer humidity and super shiny skin with their new Blotting Papers. Enclosed in cheerful whale printed packages, these portable papers can slip perfectly into the back pocket of even your tiniest summer shorts. The fast-absorbing technology wipes out surface oil and leaves you looking magnificent and matte!

Emery Board ($5)

This work of art makes nail care flirty, fun and fishy, thanks to Paul & Joe’s Limited Edition Summer 2011 Emery Board. Hook one of these fish-printed files for flawless nails all summer long. One side is coarse for filing, while the other side, embossed with the Paul & Joe logo, has a finer grain to smooth nails’ contours.

Paul & Joe BEAUTE L’ Horizon Bleu Summer 2011 Makeup Collection will be available beginning June 2011 at Bergdorf Goodman,, and

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  1. sugar sugar April 29, 2011 at 9:18 PM

    OMG! everything is so pretty! cannot wait to swatch these and see everything in person! i love paul & joe! <3

  2. Penelope April 30, 2011 at 2:01 AM

    Thanks so much for this post, i really love Paul and Joe! Their products always look so gorgeous. I love the look of the bronzer!

  3. Cherry May 1, 2011 at 9:47 AM

    so going to get this collection, absolutely gorgeous^0^~ thanks for sharing with us~~


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