Paul & Joe Beaute Summer 2012 Midsummer Nights Collection Swatches and Review

After going out for quite a bit recently, I have gotten a lot tanned from the sun. I noticed about the variety of lip glosses that girls put on nowadays to stand out from the crowd. Don’t even mention nail polish, because everyone you see has something different on whether it is solid color, flashy glitter, or even dramatic nail arts. It’s all there to see.

Not long ago we had the first part of the collection featured, today we will continue the Paul & Joe journey of midsummer nights by showing 4 additional products. If you haven’t seen the press it can be found here.

Lip Gloss G 001 Love Potion

Miraculously as it sounds, Love Potion is the perfect pink that only appears in dreams. It comes in a plastic tube that is not only lightweight, but also has floral design etched on.

The color of the lip gloss can be described as a hot barbie pink that is filled with micro sized silvery shimmers. If you pop open the cap, you will immediately take note of the yummy strawberry and vanilla scent. If you remember the first post that I wrote about, there was 002 Fairie Kisses which showed off a bright yellow color and a green apple scent mixed with creamy vanilla. These lip glosses simply melt your heart at first sight.

Face Color G 003 Faune

During the summer time, usually everyone gets tanned because of the sun exposure. That is why most people have warm skin tones. What Faune actually does is contour your cheeks providing a natural glow. It is a blush that makes you look natural and healthy. There are Rosemary Leaf Extract and Orange Flower Water giving you that healthy color and beautiful complexion.

This face color comes in a deep bronzy rose with subtle multi-color shimmer.

Here is the swatch picture of both the lip gloss and the face color. The lip gloss (left) comes in a gel like format with sheer shimmering coverage. It’s quite light weight and non sticky, but at the same time feels moisturizing and plumping on the lips. The face color is super pigmented so go very light hand with it. Try adjusting the color on the back of the hand before applying it on the face, then you won’t have a problem. Don’t be afraid though, the color goes on really smooth and even. And the micro shimmers are so fine and beautiful, you really need to see it in person. The swatch below shows how it looks when applied heavily (middle) and how it will go on the skin with a brush (right).

Shimmering Body Lotion G

The body lotion in this collection, is rather dreamy. It completely highlights your entire body and makes you look sexy while you sparkle under the sun. If you look at the bottle, you will notice that it is in a lightweight plastic bottle design with a summery floral cap. Being transparent, you could see the gel like lotion including its shimmering specs that make you shine. The clean green floral scent is a second layer of calmness to sooth the summer soul.

The lotion comes in a transparent gel like formula that has shimmery sparkles of green, gold and orange. Its texture is very smooth and light. You could literally find yourself applying it all the time because how cool it feels on the skin. Don’t forget to apply it at night time and watch people compliment.

Nail Enamel 028 Fairie Queen

Perhaps, Fairie Queen reminds me of all the fireworks that was seen last night. Not only does it remind me of that, it also reminds me of celebrations as well. Especially thinking of all the multi-colored confetti seen from outside the bottle.

This nail polish comes in a jelly like texture that is best described as a transparent base. If you look at the bottle itself the glitter and confetti come not only in various colors, it also come in a variety of sizes and shapes too! Colors include pink, orange, yellow, purple, and light blue. When I swatched this, I noticed that a single coat results in a bit less coverage, whereas a double coat has more confetti sticking on the nails. Though, design wise, you can decide whether or not you want more or less confetti on the nails.

Despite the transparency of the nail base, it could actually act as a top coat for any color. The nail below was applied two coats.

Each product from the summer collection easily turns anyone closer to sexiness. From the lip gloss’ hot barbie pink color to the body lotion, it all makes one stand out. Paul & Joe’s work of art gives off a fresh new appeal with its Midsummer Nights inspiration from Shakespeare.

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