Paul & Joe 2012 Autumn Creation Lipstick 103 Just Peachy 306 Avenue Montaigne Swatches and Review

The cat has struck again. This time with more colors than ever before and different styled cases too! The variety and combination are endless to the point that you will look like a different person each day. Well not quite but different lip colors that are enough to satisfy over 2 weeks.

Paul & Joe’s new set of Lipstick is probably one of the most appealing ones I’ve seen so far that is both amusing and chic. Not to mention creativity.

Paul & Joe 2012 Autumn Creation Lipstick and Case

Today I will be showing you both the refills for 103 Just Peachy and 306 Avenue Montaigne. The case will be in the adorable looking Lipstick Case P 003. If you haven’t noticed the photo from above yet, it is the black and white neko (cat) styled case.

The packaging from Paul & Joe is always so floral and feminine with elegance. You could also add the word timeless but for some ever reason the brand’s design always makes me think of eating biscuits and having tea in the afternoon. Something quite odd at times. Anyways, when you open the refill box you will notice that the interior has a flap that holds the lipstick in place from moving around. Though be careful when taking out the refill because we don’t want smudged lipstick tips.

After popping out the lipstick, you will notice how shiny it is, shiny in a gold toned color. The barrel is also highly reflective like polished to the teeth. On the bottom of the barrel there is a label that is stuck to it to remind you which color the refill holds. You can take a look at the photo below for a better idea.

Here is a glimpse of the entire refill case design with its top off.

Upon initial sight of both colors, you might be in awe. It seems so pigmented and the colors are bold and bright. Though to give a better description, 103 Just Peachy is a sheer lipstick color in a faint, juicy orange that flatters virtually every set of lips. Whereas 306 Avenue Montaigne is a full coverage lipstick in berry red. The name for the berry red lippy comes from the Paul & Joe’s flagship shop in Paris. The street is quite famous, I can almost remember a few other brands that used the name Montaigne before.

Each lipstick is also engraved with the P J insignia for the brand.

Paul & Joe 2012 Autumn Creation Lipstick 103 Just Peachy 306 Avenue Montaigne

Having seen the refills, let’s take a look at the case. Although there are 5 different case designs the one that is shown here is made in a trendy vintage paper case with obviously a cat drawing of different angled looks. The style reminded me most of the Spring 2012 lipstick.

As you might note the lipstick refill fits perfectly inside the base of the case looking like a complete product. Now it is ready to be taken out to meet the world. Well not quite yet…

Even though, the lipstick is a lipstick to every person. There is still the need for instructions for proper use. Besides instructions for use, there is also precautions so that the product remains in its most optimum condition.

If you had seen the previous link regarding the lipstick from two seasons ago, then you should also take a look at the blusher stick from that season as well. Both case packaging can be taken off and used in these new refills as well. Paul & Joe makes versatility so easy.

Now on to the swatches. First off, the sheer color Just Peachy gives a dewy finish. What I mean is that it leaves a trace of watery like base giving a complete glossy finish. If you look at the color, it isn’t bold or flaring with color, instead it is quite transparent complementing the skin tone. More or so a mixed in color with a hint of orange and pink. On the opposite side Avenue Montaigne is an intense bold berry/Bordeaux color that is dramatic and to the max on color depth. The deep red is incredibly pigmented that is both creamy and smooth.

Finishing off the swatches, I thought I show you a similar color. Avenue Montaigne reminded me of Tom Ford’s Violet Fatale. Violet Fatale has been one of my most favorite lipsticks to date. Though, Avenue Montaigne has slowly captivated me with its formula and color. As you can see, Violet Fatale seems to fall in the same berry family, when compared shows much violet tone than Avenue Montaigne’s deep reddish berry color.

The lipsticks reminded me so much of the Spring collection where they had a series all about cats. It’s like an expansion of the lip line but with so many selections to choose from. There is a total of 5 sheers, 8 naturals, and 7 full coverages, so 20 new shades in 3 different textures. Both lipsticks from sheer and full coverage category are well made with fantastic formulation. Just Peachy (sheer) is super juicy and moisturizing with high shine while Avene Montaigne (full coverage) provides incredible coverage without drying out the lips. And the best part? The interchangeable cases! Now with the new Paul & Joe lipstick collection, you can not only pick the lip color you like, but also your favorite case to show off.


Paul & Joe 2012 Autumn Creation Lipstick Collection will be available in September 2012 at BeautyHabit and in stores at Bergdorf Goodman.

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure here.

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  1. shaimaaa September 4, 2012 at 12:56 AM

    The lipstick colour are so gorgeous , I have to search for them
    Great swatch


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