Philips Satin Perfect HP6581 Epilator Wet and Dry Deluxe Edition Review

New Year’s first review, let’s talk about hair removal. Even though it’s still winter and you’re probably not going to the beach anytime soon, but who doesn’t love smooth touchable skin, say satin perfect? Right after my second Panasonic epilator died, my uncle asked me if I wanted anything from the UK since he’s going there for a trip. I instantly heard a sound whispering in my ear, Philips, Philips! Yippee, a new epilator is what I desire!

To be honest, I’ve been eyeballing the Philips epilator for a while and I read some positive reviews over the internet. The model I got is the Wet and Dry Deluxe Edition in model HP6581 which can be used both in the shower and after. I believe it is not available in the US at the moment, the latest model here is HP6576. So how does the Philips compare to my old Panasonics?

Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6581

I had 2 Panasonic epilators over the past 2 or 3 years before the battery stopped charging, Soie ES-WD93 and ES2067 I believe. Both were really gentle which caused very little pain when used. But the thing is that they were too gentle to remove all the hair that I had to go over the same area several times in order to completely remove them. It doesn’t matter which method, dry or wet, sometimes it’s even frustrating that some reluctant hair just wouldn’t go away. On the other hand the Philips SatinPerfect seems much stronger so first you’re going to feel some pain. But it does its job almost perfectly that nearly no hair was left behind. I wasn’t sure if the difference was caused by the tweezing discs because the Panasonic had metal parts and Philips had ceramic. I also noticed that when using Philips, some surface skin came off, so I always put on some good body lotion after epilating. So I didn’t have any skin rash. Talking about dead skin, I really missed the pedicure buffer attachment from Panasonic. I always got smooth heels using it after soaking my feet.

Back to Philips, the reason I got the HP6581 is because not only does the set come in the epilator similar to the HP6576, it also has a mini precision epilator, pictured on the left below, targeting specially for bikini, underarms and hard to reach areas. It is slightly longer but a lot slimmer and lighter than the regular epilator. It runs on 2 AA batteries with one speed setting. Except you have to change batteries once every 2 months (I use mine weekly), this thing works wonder for small areas like knees and underarms. I remembered scraping my left knee accidentally by my old Soie. It left a scar and man it hurt! Now since I have this, I never have the wear of going over the knees. Same thing with the underarms. Before I just used my good ‘ol tweezerman, so tidious… With the precision epilator, it took only 2 minutes and all clear. So it’s definitely a love and must-have from now on. It’s also less painful than the main epilator. Unlike the main epilator’s 100% ceramic discs, the precision epilator has metal discs like Panasonic. So I assume the discs do have something to do with the pain level. The main epilator has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can just plug in the power cord and 1 hour later it’s ready to go. It also has two speed settings and a bright opti-light which turned on automatically when the unit is on.

The epilator comes packed with all sorts of attachments and accessories. Besides the epilating head, there’s a shaving head with trimming comb, shown on the left, and 3 different epilation caps on right, one basic, one sensitive and one for hair lifting. The shaving head and trimming comb are very useful when you have longer hair. It’s much easier to just run the area with them and switch to the epilating head. I also like the hair-lifting cap which is the bottom right one. It’s good for flat lying hair, the tiny comb will feed the hair directly into the tweezing discs. Other than that depending on the area I choose the basic cap or the sensitive cap. These attachments are fully detachable and washable. It’s very easy to clean with just water and the cleaning brush included.

Philips Deluxe Epilator Shaving Head

Picture below are the cleaning brush along with the Smart Tweezer for your brows. The smart tweezer has a bright LED light that can be turned on when needed and the base also doubles as a mirror. It’s quite useful and looking chic for a makeup pouch. I won’t go into too much detail since the function is pretty straightforward.

Philips Satin Perfect Epilator Smart Tweezer

I do want to mention the power cord plug is the UK type so I had to buy an adapter. Thankfully Fry’s has it for cheap.

Philips Epilator Power Cord

I’m glad that I made the switch to the Philips. The deluxe epilator set is very effective yet gentle enough for body hair removal. All the parts are practical and complementary especially the precision epilator can get to the hardest to reach areas. No more bleeding or tweezing! I did wish the set comes with a Pedicure buffer like the Panasonic but I can live without it. It would be also nice that the Opti-light can be turned off. I understand that it’s for safety and better vision, but I feel like it’s a little too bright. I’m sure someone will appreciate the light or I guess you can somehow cover the light using your finger, just my opinion. The precision epilator is convenient and portable, yet equally effective. Overall the Philips SatinPerfect is indeed a perfect tool for gals who epilate.

The US model HP6576 without the precision epilator can be bought at and featured model HP6581 can be bought at John Lewis.

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