Pre-Christmas dinner

It was raining and very windy tonight so we’re staying home from busy Christmas shopping. My husband made dinner and even posted below. How sweet of him! So here is it from my lovely husband.

“I decided to cook some stuff out of the ordinary tonight. So what I present to you is two dishes along with a dessert.

Let’s start with the first one, stuffed Tomatoes. I was craving for some Tomatoes but I wanted to have the ones that had some oil and spice to it so I thought I should make a Tomato looking box stuffed with what I want. Thus, I baked them.

The ingredients are as follow:

Roma Tomatoes
Caramelized Maui Onions
Mozzarella cheese
Salt/Pepper + Balsamic Vinegar

The second one was grilled asparagus. I had left over asparagus that I didn’t know what to do so I made something simple out of it. I infused the asparagus with chicken stock and grilled them. I then finished it off with flakes of cheese.

The ingredients are as follow:

Caramelized Maui Onions
Mozzarella cheese flakes
Chicken stock

Finally, the dessert I made this time is related to Christmas. There is actually a story behind it. The story is about a Rabbit and a Pig, who is celebrating Christmas but isn’t able to make a Christmas tree. So thus, they drew one on the ground with what they could find from their surroundings. As you may see that the chocolate on the top of the cake represents the dirt with green and red sugar representing holiday.

The ingredients are as follow:

Heavy whipping cream
Mascarpone cheese
Valrhona chocolate
Lady fingers
Grand Marnier
Various sugars

Hope you enjoyed my cooking as much as I did…. See you next time…. – Chef Pig”

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