Puffer Jacket Hunt Down and Crazy Shopping

Winter has come slowly and¬†unnoticeably¬†again. I just realized that my 2 year old daughter didn’t have a heavy jacket. How bad I am! But luckily right now it’s the best season of the year – Christmas time. Every store has extended holiday hours. Some stores even opens until midnight.

Everyday after my husband gets off from work, we take our daughter to the mall to look for her jacket. We’ve been to almost all the children’s stores in the bay area such as a lot of Gymborees, Gap Kids, Janie and Jack, Hanna Anderson, even Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordies. But it’s so hard to find the right one for her. The ones we saw are either too light, or ugly color or simply too big for her. The most ridiculous thing is that a toddler’s Juicy Couture jacket can run up to almost 300 bucks. That’s the same price as an adult’s!

So what did we end up with? We had to settle for the Ralph Lauren white jacket. See the picture below. It’s a tad big for her but not too much. Also one thing I like about this is the lining is slippery so it’ll be easy for her to put on. But I do wish the hood is removable and not lined with fleece.

Now move on to the next part of the post. Haha while we were trying to look for our daughter’s jacket, we accidentally harvest a lot of other junkies. I’ve seen this Aerogarden thing at the Bed Bath and Beyond before but for the price I thought it was expensive. Not anymore! I finally got my hands on it for a cheap price. But I will talk about it in another post. Also I got a soda machine. How cool is that. You can make your own sparkling water now. Even my husband falls in love and now he’s the person who plays with it all the time. We also got some mini sized herb savor and oil mister. Maybe I will be posting reviews on these later.

I come to think of a question. Since the economy is so bad this year, a lot of companies extended their Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Are there not a lot of people buying? Because I know that we bought a lot of useless things over the past months. I also see Toys R Us was packed with people and carts were filled with all sorts of junks.

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